Beginner 1: Photoshop Workspace

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Beginner 1: Photoshop Workspace

When you first open photoshop it can be very confusing. I'll go over the different areas separately, but here's a general overview:

The drop down menus have lots of stuff in them, and you'll gradually learn where to find things. The tool bar on the left shows what tool you are currently using. In the picture above you can see that the arrow is highlighted. Depending on what tool you are using different options will be shown in the options bar. The last area are the palettes. There are many palettes that you can choose to display here. You may have different ones than me, and that's okay. Next I'll show you how to change your palettes.

Marisa, does your lessons use CS, PSE or...? I am trying to learn PSE10.

All my tutorials are done in Photoshop since that's what I use and what I know. The older tutorials are probably done in CS5 and the newer ones are in CS6. Hopefully down the road we'll have tutorials covering other programs.

I am thinking about upgrading from PSE 9 to CS6. How do you like it?

I've only ever used Photoshop, so I can't compare it to PSE, as for the newest version of Photoshop, they always add a few cooler features, but if you wanted to save money by buying an older version I don't think you'd be sorry.

Thanks. I played around with CS6 in the beta and liked the little that I saw.

i have Photoshop in my Macbook and you are right, it is very confusing when you first open it. I'm looking forward to reading everyone of these tutorials and i hope i will later on feel like i know what i'm doing and not just guessing all the time!

As I click around I am finding more and more out but these are great to get me started. I think just playing and messing up will lead me to getting it right.

Great tutorial, thanks smiley

I really want to learn how to use it, now i have found these tuts maybe i can get started, thanks so much x

thank you for these tutorials, I am trying to get to know PSE 9 and so far the start screen looks almost the same, I do hope they are.

Awesome! Thanks for sharing!


I use PSE12 and CS5 and have found they are relatively the same. There are obvious differences and CS5 is more in depth. I don't mind elements because I know a little more about it having used it longer than CS but thats what my course is for to teach me more.......

Thank you!! smiley

Thanks very much for these tutorials. I purchased Photoshop recently but I haven't installed it yet. I am truly a Beginner!

Marisa, when you say you are using Photoshop, do you mean Photoshop or Photoshop Elements?

Sorry Marisa - just saw the answer above. Photoshop is cost prohibitive, and I have Photoshops Elements 10 in a box that I have never used. The recoloring of gray scale items to a color of our choice - it that something that we can do with Photoshop Elements?? Thank you - love you site!

Hi Marian. I'm not super familiar with Elements, but if you have a question, feel free to post it in our software support forum. We have a very knowledgeable community.

This is all new to me, thank you for the quick response. I'll look around in your software support forum : )

Thanks! smiley

thank you

For the beginners its bit more confusing I guess. Thank you for sharing the screen shot pointing out the options.

thank u

I have Photoshop Elements 14. I am overwhelmed when I open it and am a little scared to use it, however I need to tutorials that are simple like this, but very clear. I am moving on to Beginner 2,3, & 4. Thank you. smiley smiley

I think I copied this already but FINDING it is another question. smiley Thank you so much for being so generous and dedicated to sharing your knowledge and skills.

i am using psp9 i am a new beginner here. any question i will ask thank u so much smiley

I really appreciate this post being as I have had trouble with workspaces.

how do i find the photoshop-type program on my computer? i not good w/ them, but wood like to learn how to bible journal on computer like my mentor Robin Sampson does.

Photoshop doesn't come loaded on a computer. You have to purchase it separately.

I believe it is now a monthly subscription program.

Here's the link for the Photoshop site: Photoshop Site

@Tamra: You can browse here for other ideas of programs to use.