Beginner 2: Photoshop Palettes

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Beginner 2: Photoshop Palettes

Previously we talked about the palette space of photoshop. This is how you change what palettes appear:

Go to the "Window" drop down menu. The big list, where you see some items with check marks, are your palette options. The ones that have check marks are the ones that are actually showing. I have other palettes in tabs covered by the showing palettes. In my top palette area "Info" is showing and "histogram" and "navigator" are showing only as tabs. This allows you to quickly check different palettes. Now, I'll briefly explain some of the palettes that will be useful to you starting out:

Color - this palette will let you choose what color you are working with. The top box is foreground color, and the box behind is background color. You will work mostly with foreground color. If you click on the box, then you can choose a color.

History - the palette will let you see each change you make, so that you can "step back" to an earlier point if you don't like where you've gotten. Photoshop only stores so much information, so if you've been working for a while, you may not be able to go back to a certain point.

Info - I like to use the info box so I can see how big a selection is. We will talk later about making a selction.

Layers - Layers are the key idea to understanding photoshop. We will talk more about them later as well.

Will wait to see what you mean, "I like to use the info box so I can see how big a selection is."

ok, this sounds simple enough!

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for putting in this little tidbit about the info Palette. I have been wishing I had access to the size of a document in PSE Editor and there it is. What I am especially excited about is that I have access to the size of an element if I double click on the layer's thumbnail. I have access to it in Make the Cut and in Silhouette Studio and I have been wishing I had that in PSE as well. Guess I had it all along and just did not know it.
Thanks again. This will be VERY useful.

Thanks so much smiley

Thanks- for the quick look and reminder

Hi, This wont work with the PSE as there is not all the files in the window drop down menu, unless there under another name but I spent 2 hours trying to find them and I have now officially given up.

Awesome! Thanks for sharing!


Una consulta que programas puedo utilizar? para empezar en este mundo nuevo smiley

thank u

very nice

Again, thank you for the simple, but clear tutorial. Baby steps. Just what I need.

OK, I'm getting it. Thank you so much !


Thanks! Gonna try playing around with this some more! Great info!

Thank you. Most helpful