How to Make Your Own Washi Tape

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How to Make Your Own Washi Tape

I made this quick tutorial to show you how I make washi tape. If you have any better tips, be sure to leave them in the comments!

For this tutorial, I use a set of brushes that's no longer available. But these should also work.

Another great tutorial, you make it so easy!!! Thank you!!!

wow fantastic video thanks heaps for sharing can see a whole lot of customised washi on my pages now smiley

thanks, really like Washi Tape

You make it so easy. Gonna try this one. Thanks.

Thank you for all your tutorials. I agree, you make everything seem not so mysterious!

Thanks! Glad to know I'm succeeding in my goal!

wow!! thanks so much for sharing this!!!

Thanks for sharing! Love washi tape.

thanks for the easy tip!

Awesome! Going to make some now! smiley

Thanks for sharing! Love washi tape.

Super Fabulous Marisa!

Awesome, I'm now off to make some tape smiley

Hi Marisa, great tutorial - just one small question - would it be possible to use a .pat file to decorate the tape? I ask because I'm not in an experimenting mood today and I wondered if you had already tried it. Thanks so much smiley

You can always apply a pattern to a layer using the layer styles panel. Easy to adjust and remove that way.

Downloaded the brushes, installed them and did it! I love your tutorials! Thanks

Thank you so much!

Thank you so much.

Have been wondering how to do this for ages! Thanks

Thank you very much for the tutorial.

Thanks! I wanted to figure out how to do the 'wrinkly' type of washi tape after I saw your tutorial, and I found this:

I'll ease in with your tutorial and practice a bit before I'm ready to take on all the steps in HSG' s tutorial smiley But still, for all the nerds like me who want to know every little thing... it is a cool tut!

Great tutorial. Thanks for sharing!

Love it! Awesome tutorial!

Thanks for the tutorial! way cool

very good

See mine

Thanks so much!

Thank you!

Looks fun and easy- thanks.

so cool! I LOVE washi tape, love it even more in my digital designs

Thank you for the tutorial! Now I can have my tape in different designs!