Making a Brush Set

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It is really that easy! WOW! Thank you so much for putting it into language I can understand.

Awesome! Thanks for sharing!

Great tutorial, I am going to give this a try, thanks Marisa.

Thanks, I am going to have to see if this works for Elements too. I do have an old CS2 but would love to be able to do it in the new program. Love your tutorials. smiley

Awesome, can't wait to get started!

This is the reason that I love this site is that I am able to understand the tutorials without any problems! You make it is so easy! Thanks so much!

Your instructions are so helpful, thanks, now I know how to make a set of brushes. smiley

Wow! Thanks to your tutorial I think I can do this! You've made it very easy to understand. Thank you smiley

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for this simple and clear tell you the truth, PS scares me!!!
I am always very very wary when using it...I use MSPowerPoint 99%...and use PS is a mystery to me...but Now I've learned to make & load brushes...but use them, how? I want to know how to use them with a transparent there a tut here? Can you please give the link, if its not too much of a bother... again, thank u!

There are so many things you can do with brushes. Near the bottom of the tutorials table of contents you'll find a section just for using brushes, which will give you a start.

Thank you smiley

Well, how simple is that?! Thanks Marisa for another great tut and also for a dedicated tut section in the TOC for brushes. I'll have to check these out as I'm learning something new almost every day as I try to configure how to use these tools creatively in my own project designs.

OH this is going to save me a ton of time, thank you:)

thank u

She is good.... I was saying the same thing.... I am going to make her rich too.

Thank You

Thank you Marisa. This is the clearest tutorial I have come across on the subject of making a brush set. Greatly appreciated!

thank you

Thanks for the tut smiley

Thank you for this tutorial! smiley