Making Color Palette From an Image, online

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Making Color Palette From an Image, online

Making a color palette from an image is pretty easy. There are lots of online tools that can help you with that. One easy one is the Color Palette Generator from DeGraeve.

First your photo must be online. Find your photo and copy the image url by right clicking on the image.

Then paste the link into the box on the color palette website.

Hit the button and after a moment your palette will appear.

I like how this site gives you both a vibrant and dull palette which can be nice for designing.

Thank you so much!

I have a question, if the photo isn't online, it is one that you have taken, how do you do the palette?

Check out my just posted tutorial for making a palette in Photoshop.

thank you so much smiley

Great tip!!! Sometimes is very boring creating a palette at photoshop... (I'm a bit lazy sometimes...kkkk)

And if you are LOOKING for a color palette or ideas, here is a cool website for that: Design Seeds

@Sunny: I often use their palettes to get me started. Thanks for sharing.

Thank you for sharing Design Seeds with us, Sunny. I love the rich colors.

I may never actually design but I love looking at Design Seeds. Thanks for the link.


Oh golly! I just filled up a Pinterest board with Design Seed color palettes! @Marisa-I'll have to try the color palette generator! Very cool!

Thank You~! Great info~!

Question: Do you save this palette to your computer?

An easy way to save the color palette is just to take a screenshot. Or else maybe they have a save button.

Thanks so much!
(I couldn't find a save button)
Your info is so much appreciated

I loved this Tutorial! Thank you SO much smiley

Thank you very much! I was wondering how to do this! how do you upload the color chart to PSE?

This is awesome! Thank you!

Awesome information - thanks so much!

Re saving the palette . . . you can always try right-clicking on it - it works for the palettes on Design Seed

I've found that the color palette generator doesn't give nice colors all the time. It sometimes mixes it up a bit so it's not always the colors you see in the pic. I've even tested it with simple pics but not that happy with the results. I did find Adobe Kuler which works for me and also CSS Drive (click on Tools dropdown arrow and then click on Image to Color Palette Tool) and COLOURlovers works for me too. I use these for all kind of things but I'll also be using it now for scrapbooking.

This is very helpful, thanks!

Thanks for sharing this. The website is great!

thanks for sharing this..

Thanks so much for sharing this. I could never get that site to work but maybe I was just doing it wrong, lol.

Thanks so much! smiley

Awesome! Thanks for sharing!

good to know.thank you!

thank you for this site, it helps so much!!!!

I just recently discovered Design Seeds and I love their color palettes! smiley

This is cool!

Great Marisa! Thank you.

This tip will be incredibly helpful. P.s-do you have a tutorial for making a color palette from scratch? I haven't been able to find it in the tutorial board. Though I may have overlooked it. LOL!