Making Color Palette From an Image, photoshop

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Making Color Palette From an Image, photoshop

If you want to make a color palette in Photoshop, I have this blank palette template that you can use. The white and black are the basics I always use, neither are pure white or black so that I can add texture to them if I want.

To make a palette simply open the file. I prefer to merge all the layers into one for easier recoloring. But I left them all separate in case you prefer that.

Then lock the new layer so you can recolor it cleanly.

When you use the paint bucket (G) make sure you have "Contiguous" ticked, which means that you will only color one box at a time.

Then open your image in Photoshop. Select the eye dropper tool (I) and click on the color you want to select, which will appear in the color picker under all the tools.

Zoom in to a pixelated view of the image to select just the right color.

When you have the color you want, go back to the palette file and using the paint bucket (G) fill one of the squares.

Continue until you have all the colors you want. Save as a .PNG file to preserve the hard edges and color.

thank you, you are an absolute star!

awesome!!! TFS!!!!

Thank you x20! I just went on a photoshop swatch adventure yesterday... Trying to save just the swatches of color you sampled is a friggin' pain! This is a VERY welcome solution, lol.

Thank you, I create my palette of different way. I'll try this way.

I have NO intentions of belittle your work Marisa, but as an extra option I can highly recommend the "Instant ColorBar" action made by Rita at The CoffeeShop. It's free and works with both PS and PSE.


Thanks Trine. I'll check that out. I've used a lot of her actions, but not that one.

wow this is great! Thanks!

Just downloaded the action! Thanks for the link~ smiley

Thank you Marisa.. I am going to use your template as well. Love the tutorial.

Finally made this work!! I couldn't figure out how to do it with the layers merged. I also tried the other website listed and it was way over my head, when it came to downloading and understanding the "actions" part of it. Maybe someday this will make sense to me. Thanks for the palette template and the tutorial Marisa..I'm excited!!

This looks like something I could actually understand and use. Thank you.

To make a color palette of any image is simple.
I am using PS CS6.

1) Open any image
2) Click on Image>Mode>Index Colors
3) Click on Image>Mode>Color Tablet
4) Click save> save the file as .ACT
That saved the color palette of every color in that image as a swatch.

Open the swatch and use your colors.

Pixel Peach

Thank you!!

This is very clever, thank you!!

Thanks so much for sharing! I always wondered how it was done! smiley

Thanks so much Marisa! Love all your tutorials! smiley

For anyone that downloaded the CoffeeShop action and are having trouble using it...
she also has a free download with the matching PSD templates for it.

The set includes both a vertical and horizontal storyboard with a clipping mask for adding an image, and six clipping masks with color fill adjustment layers for selecting colors in the image to make a custom color palette. I got these from her site eons ago and love being able to have the picture in it that I'm using.

Marisa...if you already have the action to this, you might enjoy having the templates too since you
can use them with both vertical and horizontal pictures! smiley

Thank you for this and all the other tutorials. You make everything seem so easy.

Thank you for all these tutorials!

Thanks so much there is so much to learn!

Thanks, I will try this version too!

Hey, I found that page to create a Palette from an image, I think it works quite well:

Very cool! I'm going to look into a few of these ideas.

Thank you for this tut and thank you, Kathie, for where to get a nice template!

Awesome! Thanks for sharing!

Thank you for this!

Thanks Sybille, my go-to sight that I've used for years to pull colors from a photo wasn't working correctly yesterday and today. Scrap by Color which has been mentioned other places here at PixelScrappers.

So I went searching today in the forums for something else to use. the seems to have been updated, but you can still get to the updating link via what you shared.

It would be great if they would add a feature of exporting the 20 colors generated as a TXT file filled with the HEX # and RGB and HSL info as well. Since I use GIMP & Inkscape, exporting directly to another mainstream software palette wouldn't be helpful, but a simple text file would be. But I was able to create those easy enough.

One could also take a "Snip IT" of the photo and palette (in a shrunk window so that their palette is 5x4 table) and then pulling it into GIMP and using the eyedropper, but sometimes that's just off on the colors a bit.

I did find another GIMP/Eyedropper tool trick for creating a palette quickly, so I'm off to load that tip into a GIMP thread here in the forums.

I just love the variety of tutorials on here!

Very interesting - thanks for sharing.

I've seen some gorgeous palettes, like on Pinterest, and wondered how they did them. You make it so easy. Thank you!

This is awesome - I have been looking for a way to do this!