Making A Scalloped Edge, video

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Making A Scalloped Edge, video

This simple technique can be used in many other situations when you need to evenly distribute layers across the page.

Some notes on the distribute buttons:
1. It will evenly distribute the layers between the two furthest layers, so be sure to place these where you want them first.
2. To use the evenly distribute buttons, you must have at least 2 layers selected.

as simply... class

I can believe, it's so simply... Thanks...

This is so easy. Thank you.


Great tutorial! Very easy to understand.

Brilliant! Thank you!

wow nice and easy! Thanks

Very Awesome and how easy!!

Thanks you for these tutorials smiley

Awesome!! Thanks for sharing! C:


Thanks! Now I know what aligning and distributing can do.

so easy, thx

Thankyou.. great tutorial.

Thank you for sharing this tutorial.

Thanks for all of your tutorials~ so nice of you

Thank you!

great resource, thanks

Thanks! I'll use this a lot!!

Does anyone know how to cut off the bottom of the scallop in Photoshop Elements? When I do the rectangle tool it doesn't cut it off. Thank you!! Very cool video on how to spread the dots across the page. I love the shape masks too!

I just make a new layer and make a rectangle. Then you can move it around easily to get it where you want.

Thank you Marisa!

Easy enough! Thanks much.

Love this! I had no idea it was this easy smiley I truly appreciate the sharing of your knowledge in these tutorials!

This is great. I used the brush tool and adjusted the spacing to create my scalloped edge but this is just as easy! smiley

Thank you so much for this. =D

Very easy to understand. Thank you.

Wow, and I was doing it the hard way all this time, lol:) AWESOME TUTORIAL!!!!

Wow, this looks so simple! I wonder if I can accomplish this in other software. I love scallop edges!
Thank you! smiley

Oh I wish I had seen this tut much earlier. It saves a lot of time over doing it one at a time. Thanks so much, Marisa.