Misting and Brush Techniques (from JustJaimee.com)

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Misting and Brush Techniques (from JustJaimee.com)

I've gotten several questions about misting around the forums, and while I haven't made any tutorials myself, I thought I'd point you to these great resources from Just Jaimee.

She has a great brush freebie here (including a misting brush) and an interesting tutorial on different brush techniques (not misting).

Here is her tutorial on misting:

very cool video tutorial, thanks so much for sharing it!!! also, what a lovely set of brushes for her to give away!!!

Is there anything like this for PSP? I find there are a lot of useful tutorials out there, but the majority are geared toward Photoshop...

I can recommend watching all of Jamie's tutorials on YouTube - they are all VERY inspiring.


I love the misting because it works so well with the watercolor look - and those brushes make a good "fuzzy fiber", as well.

Thank you for sharing and introducing me to Just Jamiee!

excellent resource - i love her kits but didn't know she did tutorials as well. will check it out!

Wow, thanks Marisa.
Another designer to add to my email list.

Muito bom mesmo, e que pincéis incríveis, adoro desenhar e fazer algum acabamento em contorno com esses pinceis, dão um efeito super diferente!

Translated with Google translate, so everyone can enjoy your comment.
Very good indeed, and that awesome brushes, I love to draw and do some finish wrap with these brushes, give a different super effect!

Wonderful tutorial!!! Thanks...

thank you smiley

cool trick! Thanks

Very cool, will have to play with this one!

This is a really cool tutorial.
Thank you.

Thanks, will have to try it!

thank you for introducing me to this neat technique!

I'd totally forgotten that I had these brushes from Jaimee in my stash - thanks for reminding me

Awesome video. C:

Wow...I had been looking for a tutorial online for this all week and then stumbled upon in while browsing the forum.


Thank you!

Thank you for sharing Marisa! I had no idea on how to use the glitter elements! I'm still really new to Photoshop elements 11! I just downloaded the free trial and have been messing around with it, and I have no idea on how to organize anything yet, use the brushes, etc ... I'm learning though and it's quite fun smiley

Thanks for another great resource.

I cant wait for trying this!

Wow! Great. Jaimme has cool stuffs. Love this. smiley

Very cool!!! Tx!

Can't wait to play with this technique.

Awesome, I tried and it worked so well, beautiful effects. Thanks.

Thanks so much for sharing this tutorial. I just watched it and it is very helpful. smiley

Jessica Sprague has this cool tutorial about misting and using masks.

So that is how it is done! Thank you.

I just added this to my "Gotta learn this in PS" bookmarks.
Though it doesn't matter what program. I just want to learn the technique