Tutorial Requests?

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Tutorial Requests?

If there's a technique, template or other digital scrapbooking skill you're curious about, leave the info here and I'll see what I can do to answer your question!

Hi Marissa,
I would love to learn how you create your paper! I love all of the mixed patterns and "scrubbing" that appears on them. I would also love to know how you get the edges of some of the papers to looked "inked" or burned in---I'm not sure about my terminology(?) But I'm so curious as to how you do this. Any help would be very appreciated!

EDIT: Find grungy paper tutorial here.

Oops! I just saw all of your existing tutorials! Thank you for those. I'll look and see if I can find what I want. smiley

Thanks for the input Linda. I actually just made a new tutorial (unposted) about using the different textures on the site. So that's coming. And there are a few here that may help.

I would like to learn how to make actions smiley How to make good alphas/alpha templates smiley Diffrent kind of stickerslook.. How you extract scanned pic in the best quickest way to make templates etc smiley

oh and i forgot i would really love to learn how you can make an distressed edge look... Not "burned" but ripped edges... If that's even possible smiley

I would love to learn how to do actions as well as make brushes that are shapes. I see them all the time and can't figure out how to do it!

Thanks so much!!!!!

EDIT: Making a Brush Set Tutorial

Thank you so much for sharing your tutorials! I'd love to learn about your organizational methods! i know there's blogs full of this topic but since everyone has their own method of doing organizing digital scrapbooks, i love hearing what works best! i'm slowly working organizing, my hard drives are a mess!!!

Great ideas everyone! I'll be working on it.

Another request: how about gradients when making folds and stuff in paper? that'd be sweet!!! smiley

I would like to learn how to make journal blenders. Thanks.

Connie, I'm not sure what a journal blender is. Could you link to an example?

Hi Marisa

Could we have a walk through of how you make a paper which has lots of the same shapes in it. Such as triangles or spots or any shape will do - I tried to make my own paper and got in a bit of a muddle when they each ended up on the own layer!! (using PSE 10) I know I could just use one of yours but I want to know how it's done.

EDIT: See tutorial on making polka dot paper here.

Hi Marisa! I agree with Jessica Fors... it would be great to learn how to make alphas and create a ripped edges look on papers.

I'd like to learn how to crumple paper smiley

Sorry another request for some reason I thought there was one in there which is why I was checking out the tutorials for today's work, but didn't see it, how do you do torn paper that looks realistic?? I am having a very hard time with that! Thanks!

Hi Marisa! Would like to know, how to create a palett from a photo. I have a photo and would love to create a palett using certain colours from that photo.

EDIT: This tutorial is now available for making color palettes online and in Photoshop.

Hi, Marisa!!! I'd like a tutorial to create glitter. I really tried create it but it was a terrible experience...kkkkk

Thanks in advance!

I would love something on creating templates - both layouts and shapes.

@Déia aka AADesigns - There is a glitter tutorial posted already. check here to see if this helps.

Thank you Brandi!!! I saw this tutorial... But I'd like to know how we did the towel, because I tried and I had a terrible result...kkkk

This week, I plan to spend a lot of time here and will go through the many tutorials and see if there is anything else I could use. Thanks for all of them.

Would love a tutorial on how to make stickers, one where the side is peeling up type of thing

oooh id love to learn to make alphas and realistic stickers....

Just looking through the requests, what do people mean by stickers exactly. Post some links if you can. I have an idea in my mind, but I want to see if we agree.

basically a word art/embellishment where you can put a border, "skew" it and give a shadow where it looks like it is peeling up - for the life of me I can't find an example of one online....hope that makes sense smiley

New Alpha tutorial here. Making alphas is somewhat complicated because it involves lots of steps and there are lots of different kinds. Let me know if there are any specific kinds of alphas you're interested in learning to make.

@Caryn: That's what I was thinking. Thanks.


HI Marissa! I loved your tutorial on Grungy Paper. Thank you so much!

Hi! Thank you so much for your wonderful site smiley
I took a quick look at your tutorials and they all seem to be for Photoshop. Would it be possible to do some for Gimp?
I can only afford a free program right now smiley
Thanks so much!

@Kirra: We need to find some experts for these other programs. If you're knowledgeable and would like to write tutorials for your preferred scrapping software, please send me a note: [email protected]


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