Using Templates: Pattern Overlays, Easy Recoloring in Photoshop, video

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Using Templates: Pattern Overlays, Easy Recoloring in Photoshop, video

I first learned this trick from One Little Bird Designs and it seriously changed the speed with which I can change the color of a layer. Hope you find it helfpul!

A video follows if you find my instructions confusing.
1. Select the layer you want to recolor and click the little square icon (circled on the right). This will make a little lock icon show up on your layer.
2. Using the fill bucket (G) fill the layer.
3. The semi-transparent, aliased pixels are safe!
4. If you're working with colors that are closer together and you only want to change one of them, by lowering the value of tolerance (middle red circle) you'll lower the color values affected by the fill, ie: the lower the number the more similar the color has to be to be filled.

this is wonderful, thanks so much for sharing! I usually use color overlays but they can get fuzzy. Definitely trying this asap smiley


This tut is so useful, i'm gonna use this all the time smiley

This is pretty much the best kept secret of Photoshop I think!

I'm like Lisa and usually use overlay - thanks for the tip (written and video)!!

I use Paint Shop Pro. I'm not sure if anyone else uses PSP but just in can still follow along with this tut as the programs are similar in some of the functions. The tolerance is in the top toolbar (just like Photoshop), on the layers pallet, you can change the opacity etc...

Awesome tutorial! thanks for sharing!

This is a great tutorial. Thanks.

Amazing tutorial!!! Thank you so much.... smiley

I learned that one in PSP as well, Trine. You click on the little padlock & it prevents you from coloring the transparent pixels. I also use that same step for masking a picture down to a shape (so the picture takes on that shape - hope that makes sense - I don't always have the digi talk right). Love, love, love it - has made everything simpler for me since I learned that trick.

Great tut, I never knew that smiley

Thanks for the tut!

Great tuto thanks !

I never got that lock transparency thing... but I do now! Thanks!

Nice tutorial, very useful

I have a question, how do you recolour with a pattern, say you have a striped paper and want to use that to colour the dots in (so the dots now have stripes in them)?

Just the same, but fill the area with a pattern (the fill bucket has an option of color or pattern). I have patterns on my tutorial to do list, so I'll cover this more there.

Thank you so much! Love how you do your ribbons with the patterns smiley

Thank for tutorial - its great!

This is great! Thanks for explaining all of that very clearly.

Thanks for the tip! Never knew about the lock transparency trick. I will be using it often.

I found a really great video that explains how to recolor an entire image with just one layer. I learned something so I thought I'd share.


Great tip! Thanks for sharing!

great tutorial! I really like too how in the video she shows us how to do it on the one with all the different colors.

This so rocks!

Lea that video was awesome too! I have tried to use the color replacement before but I didn't really know what I was doing. I feel like I could use it successfully now!

Thanks, I going to try this

Definitely going to be using this one! My head could explode with the endless options of Photoshop!

does any one know how to do this in it's the program I'm using until I can save enough for photoshop

Mind you know how many HOURS I have wasted? Thank you!!

Thank you so much!! smiley