Using Templates: How to Recolor Gray Scale Items, video

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nice tutorial. thanks!

I am going to have to try it this way... I usually use the Hue / Saturation. Thanks for the tip!

Thanks so much~!

Hoping I can figure out how to do this in my Creative Memories software. This is a great tip!

OMG! Love this tut, i´ll try soon. xx

Thanks for explaining this so simply!

Thank you sooooo much for this! I may never have to buy printed paper again! smiley

Thank you for your great tutorials!

Ty for the lesson. xo

Oh wow! You just opened up a lot of possibilities for some of the things in my stash that I never use - thank you! smiley

Thank you so much for this tutorial! This technique will save me so much computer memory smiley

I just discovered this tutorial and a whole new world of possibilities opened up! Thank you!! smiley

Thank you! I am new to both this awesome site and to digital scrapbooking and I am learning so much!

Thank you as always for sharing, Marisa.
Absolutely invaluable tricks!

thanks for sharing
looks easy, i'll try it

Thank you! So much easier than the method I was using!

Thank you!!! Very easy once you know how to do it smiley Now I am off to find out how to make a shadow

Thank you for this. Made it super easy to use.

This tutorial is so useful.

I love blend modes they are your best friend...

Thank you, thank you!

thank you so much for this tutorial! smiley

Thank you! How simple!

so glad I found this site. great direction.

This is a great tutorial. I've often wondered how to color without loosing texture... but to be able to recolor an item is a bonus.
Thank you!

Great tut.

I have learned more in 1 day of being on your site than watching countless youtube videos. This is so helpful!!! My crafting world will NEVER be the same! Thanks so much.

Thank you!!! This will be very handy.

This opened a whole new world up for me, thank you soooo much smiley

OMGosh, I am so happy I found this site. Just tried this and I got it on the second try. I have a purple grey green wedding to scrap and now I'll be able to have all kinds of embellishments. Thanks