Using Templates: How to Recolor Gray Scale Items, video

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This paid off already, by experimenting with greyscale I was able to help someone in another forum.

That "somebody" is VERY happy and greatful smiley Thank you Cathy once again. I love LOVE love learning new things, and this is like a choclate box full of goodies here at

Thanks Marisa, this was something that kept me going around in circles smiley

How do I turn the item to gray scale (black & white)? Thanks.

I've also layer different texture files over my color. Great results.

I'm still learning my photoshop smiley ! Thank you for the tut, once I figured out where all the buttons were..haha, it was pretty easy!!

Would this work for digital glitter as well?

@Rachel: I'm sure it would!

Thank you your tutorial along with the great questions asked and answered have given me answers to all my questions

great video with a great tip, thank you

Finally! My pages weren't quite turning out like everyone else's...considering they were all grey!!! Also, I found that playing with the 'shadows & highlights' can help get things like bows just right.

Thank you so much for this tutorial. I knew about making a clipping mask with the color, but didn't know about "multiply". I'm going to go try this now!

Worked prefect. I usually use paintshop pro, but really want to get better at using photoshop. Going to dedicate this weekend to doing all the tutorials I can from this site. Thanks for taking the time to make them.

thank you

This tutorial was very helpful. Thanks

Using styles is another great way to color your templates! I've downloaded a ton of custom styles from deviantart. You don't even need layer. Just change the style.
(If you want a nice bevel and plan to use the clear bevel styles, make sure to duplicate your layer first, or it just ends up clear!)

Hi - I'm probably being really stupid here but I can't work out how to "clip to mask". I've opened up one of Marisa's Washi Tape Templates, added a new layer and coloured it purple, but I don't appear to have the clip to mask option when I right click Layer 1 in my Photoshop (I'm using 7.0). Am I missing something?
Hope someone can help me!
Thanks, Helen

@Helen: It might be slightly different in your version of Photoshop. I'd try googling it, or you can post a question here.

Thanks Marisa - I'll try googling first, but that'll be a job for tomorrow now as it's teatime here! I'll let you know how I get on.

Awesome! Thank you!! I was missing the multiply part, so my items looked very flat. I appreciate the help!

Thanks for the tip! Do you have any designers over there you frequent for styles?

Awesome! Thanks for sharing!

thank you very much for this information! It is very, very useful!

Such a simple way of doing this, thanks for the tut, I am going to be trying this one.

Thank you for this very simple tutorial. I never knew how to change the color without losing the detail.

I am new to photoshop and anxious to try this tip. Thanks for the tutorial!

Thank you. A big help for a complete newbie smiley

Rather than a solid color can digital paper be used to 'colorize' the flower?

@Patti: You never know until you try!

This is amazing! It's unbelievable the amount of techniques that look so hard when you're trying to figure them out on your own, but are actually so easy when you have an expert to show you. I love this site so much - is the best! (And so are you, Marisa!)