Using Templates: How to Recolor Gray Scale Items, video

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I'm learning so much here at! Having a great time! Thank you Marisa for all the great tips and tricks! smiley

THank you! I tried about 5 times before I really got it, but this will save time!

Cada día que entro al foro estoy segura que aprenderé algo nuevo!

Nice little video.. thank you!

Great tutorial. I never tried recoloring this way. TY so much.

I have been wondering how to use your paper templates, and so have been avoiding them. It seems so simple, so I'll now give them a try. Thank you!

I'm still struggling trying to add 2 colours to an item. for example, I'm trying to make it with the petals lilac and the inner flower (sorry, don't know the name in english - I'm french), you know, the yellow stuff. So yeah, lilac and yellow. My flower turns up all lilac first, then all yellow. How can I make it that only a portion of the flower is lilac and the other yellow? Thank you for any help you can provide!

@Andrea, I saw somewhere (might have been here or another site?) that you have to select the part you want to make a different colour. I'll see if I can find it so I can point you in the right direction.

This isn't where I saw it, but this looks quite interesting - especially the part about colouring by hand....

I will still keep looking, though!

Thanks for the tutorial, and for all the helpful comments -- and I'll be waiting for the answer to Andrea's question too, as I would like to color images also. Right now I do it by selecting 'gradient' and then clipping that (ctrl+G) to the layer below. Then you can click on the down arrow under the picture of the gradient, as the default is black/white. Then you can click on different ones til you find one you like.

I know there's an easier way though! smiley

What I use to do is to duplicate the element, extract the part I want on the other color, and then follow the tutorial twice, one for each part. If it´s not clear, please let me know so I can make another tut about it.

Yes, it´s not simple. But it´s the way I know.

I don't any good tricks for using two colors to recolor an item, except just using the brush to color the areas you want. This is a good tutorial for changing colors using other techniques:

is there any way to use these templates in a program other that Photoshop? I run Panstoria Artisan 4 now that CM Storybook is gone. I used my points to pick up a few templates a bit ago and can't open them.

And how do you use community points?

Hi Carol! You can read more about Community Points here.

I'm not familiar with those programs, so I can't say what can and can't be done. Try posting a question here to see if you can find some people who do know.

This is so helpful! Thank you so much smiley

thank you all for your help! smiley Not sure which technique I like better between the "duplicating the image and extracting part of it" or "using the brush method and going little by little" but, nevertheless, I now have a lilac and yellow flower done both ways! :p

Thanks for the tutorial, crystal clear.

Very clear tutorial, thanks !!!!

Thank you so Much!

Thank you very much, excellent tutorial). and tank you for supporting tips and links, very useful.

This helped me so much! I am transferring to Photoshop from Jasc Paint Shop Pro 7; two entirly different entities. This made what I knew how to do in JPSP so clear.

I haven't thought of combining overlay and multiply over one element. Thanks for this tip smiley

This is so much fun! I'm having a blast playing around with all the stuff available here!!! smiley

Thanks! it never occurred to me to turn an element gray before trying to recolor or to play with more than 1 color layer!

Oh, my goodness, this tutorial helps me a lot. Thanks so much! smiley

Any Idea if your templates can be used in the Panstoria Artisan program?

@Carol: I'd suggest starting a thread in the Software Forum. We have lots of experienced users who can probably help you out!


Good to know! Thanks!

Very nice ann so easy! Thank you for the lesson!