Using Templates: How to Recolor Gray Scale Items, video

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Soo helpful! Thanks!

I trayed to do it but I work with photoshop element 10 and I think it's different because I can't do as you ... could you help me please ? (I'm french and speak english is hard for me...)

@Vero: I'm not familiar with Elements, but try posting a request in the Software Support Forum.

many thanks Marisa, I've found how to do and I'm very happy to colorise all my items hihihihi !!!!!

Yes! It worked. Thanks!!!

Very Helpful. Thank you.

This is a great trick! Instead of having to make 15 papers with the same texture, you can just greyscale it and make it any color you want! Great for saving space on your computer drives! Thanks for the video!

This helps out a lot, thanks so much

thank you very much for this fantastic tutorial.I struggle a little work because I do not speak English but the explanations are very clear and I was able to perform the instructions without problems. smiley

Thank you so much for this - it is very, very useful.

The best part of the tutorial for me was the "obvious." You know how sometimes that's what you miss? Thanks for saying you can switch anything to greyscale. DUH! LOL That opens up a world of possibilities! Just about anything we have can be any color. Thanks, Marisa!

Would I make two separate layers if I wanted to use two colors on a grey scale item?

Yep. That's probably easiest.

Thank you, Marisa! smiley


yes I am trying to do the color changes now...some times it goes great then other times I end up with something real ugly and no where near what I

Hi Marisa, I'm sorry if I sound dumb but PS is a mystery in many ways to me still...can you please tell how to clip on a paper/pattern instead of solid colour?
P.S Your tutorial was so simplistic...I immediately tried two and both came out great!!! Thank you!

@Chitra: I have a tutorial here on using a clipping mask. Hopefully that will help.

Thank you for the quick response, Marisa...did try that first time but the background - the white bit - was in a separate window and the mask did not come onto in your tutorial photo...I don't know what I'm doing wrong...let me see, I'll try a few more times and see if I get it...I feel envious of the others in this post who 'got' it... smiley !

@Chitra: It sounds like you have the mask open on another canvas. Try dragging and dropping it from the folder right onto the white background you have open.

Thank you for this helpful video. smiley

Thank you, Marisa...will try like you suggested.

This has been a very handy little lesson for me Marisa, thank you so much. Hugs and Love......Annie T

Awesome instructions. Thanks!

thank u

Omg. I honestly had NO idea this could be done! I am so thrilled to have found this tutorial! I was doing it a much harder way all this time smiley Thank you!


I have just one grey scale item, and when I tried to color it it went wrong, so I didn't nag any others. I will have to figure this out in my Adobe Photoshop Elements and let you know LOL

Thank you so much!!! I knew how to set he new layer as a clipping mask but took me ages to work out to play with the opacity and blending mode. I kept on getting solid colours, lol.
Great tute, just wish Id looked at it earlier

This is exactly the information I needed! Thanks SO much! Loving it here!