April 2018 CU Blog Train Final List

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April 2018 CU Blog Train Final List

Please post your submissions for the April commercial use blog train here.

This month's theme is AT THE PARK. You can make papers, overlays, elements, or templates, but they must be accompanied by a commercial use license. Since the focus is on quality items, 1-3 pieces is a sufficient contribution for this train.

Your portion should be available on your blog starting April 15th until at least the end of the month.

Mine will be on my blog on April 15th!

Available on my blog here on the 15th

Mine will be available on my Blog on the 15th.


Mine will be available on my BLOG, I hope it's ok.

thanks Ladies I added your blog links to my page. Great job smiley

Download from HERE

Just posted everyone's blogs to my page as well...*heart*

Thank you all for your beautiful contributions! I dont know how to add your blogs to my blog, but I put the link to this page on my blog.

Brenda, when I try to download it's saying they're RAR files. Do you have png or psd?

Annette, RAR is a different form of a zip file. You can download 7zip for free which will let you extract the files from a RAR file. smiley

or you can use http://www.convertfiles.com/

I use them regularly, no downloads

Thank you!

Thank you! What's the reasoning to use RAR instead of the usual ZIP?

Great work all, ladies! smiley

@ Annette

I use the Winrar program to zip/unzip files. I've been using that program for a gazillion years, it's one of the more common programs (or at least it used to be).

I guess now 7zip seems to be the more popular one these days because it will unzip both .rar and .zip files (which are basically the exact same thing with regards to compressing files, they just have a different file extension name).

Why they make these programs to use different file extensions for doing the same thing is beyond me... Some programs will only open certain types of zipped files, while others will open any kind of zipped file. Go figure.

Great CU hop ladies !!! Thank you all for the awesome goodies smiley Have a wonderful day !!

Are we doing a May CU blog hop? If so, I want to join. I am making layered templates for the anniversary theme. I'll try to be on time. Please let me know.

Thank you.