April 2022 DC Color Qi: Gray Sky

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April 2022 DC Color Qi: Gray Sky

There is a collecion of palettes here and please look at this One of Marisa's goodies.

OoOOooOooOooooh . . . those colors are all scrumptious, but that gray speaks to me. I just re-did my blog and used a very similar gray as my base color. That color goes with EVERYTHING. Can't wait to play with it and to see what everyone else is inspired to do with it. FUN, Bina! Thanks so much for the inspiring color qi challenges. You are AWESOME! smiley

smiley smiley Aww, so happy you like the color qi DC!!!

I agree the colors are gorgeous! Going on my to-do list for sure. Unfortunately, it's rather long so it will probably be later rather than sooner.

smiley @Jody Smith: I can hear ya.... all the dc's are without deadline, so that we can come back and maybe do them from another angle or whenever we have more time. The dc's are kept always open so that in time the DS dc forum has turned into this motherload of always open challenges. I couldn't think of any place with more always open dc's, really.

Download here.

This kit also matches my Storytelling Mini Kit here.

thanks so much Amanda )))

Such a great take! Love it, Amanda. Thanks for playing.

I really liked the gray sky color picked for this challenge and the palette Bina made using it, so I made a kit using those colors. I got a little carried away--as I often do--so I made two zips. 15 papers in one and 25 elements in the other. Both are available at my "Made by Annette Marie" Blog.

smiley Wow, Annette Marie, so beautiful and big!!! Love your creation, thank you for playing along! smiley

Awwww, thanks, Bina. Your palette was so lovely, I couldn't stop making stuff with it and I was so okay with that. smiley

thanks Anette )))