April 2023 Design Challenge Letter H

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April 2023 Design Challenge Letter H

Welcome and thanks for joining in.

See this thread for this month's swatch.

For the second April challenge you can make any add on to your previous April Design Challenge creation that you see fit and please include

something from hemp (like burlap)
something heavenly (like clouds, stars or an angel)
something related to a house or home
something related to a hobby (any hobby)

The color hex codes are for apps that manage colors like Adobe PSE or Microsoft Office.

There is a collecion of palettes here and please look at this One of Marisa's goodies.
See this here one by Marisa on making swatches from photos, awesome thread that is.
See this great post by Robyn Denton on colors.
Check this on pinterest by Kaleena Farmer.
Robyn Denton has so many great tips and here for everyone who wants to check gamut.

[url= here:)]Here is a beautiful collection of swatches[/url]

Here are many blog train swatches.


Now that I've read the H prompts, it's entirely doable to combine letters G and H into the theme I'm planning.

smiley smiley So great . I was thinking in terms of the 2 monthly challenges : just an add on for the second one as a requirement, where more is always super welcome. It can get a bit much otherwise esp for someone not very experienced.

While it was much easier and quicker to make separate, individual graphics last month, I'm glad I'm designing a kit this month.

Aw, so great, Christina. I always love your designs.