April 2024 DM: Week 1

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April 2024 DM: Week 1

(always feel free to diverge, interpret broadly or skip prompts as your creative process demands)
Take a look at some paper kits that you like and consider how the papers are balanced. How many large patterns vs small patterns are there? How many multicolored patterns vs 2 color? How many have dark backgrounds vs light? What interesting textures or styles are included to make it feel cohesive? I will be creating the following paper prompts based on my own feelings for a well balanced paper kit. But feel free to diverge from the prompts if you think you can create a better balance. Also, feel free to use these prompts to make elements or pocket cards if you're not interested in papers.

Mar 30- 2 tiny patterns
Mar 31 - 1 dark background
Apr 1- 1 light background
Apr 2 - 1 painted/mixed media style paper
Apr 3 - 1 painted/mixed media style paper
Apr 4 - 1 large pattern
Apr 5 - 1 busy pattern

We'll make some more papers next week!

Share below your progress, finished designs and of course any questions!

Can't wait to see what everyone makes! I realize this came out over Easter weekend and people may have been busy smiley

Thanks for the fun challenge.

Tricia, your textures are so beautiful!

Thanks Kelly! I like making textures smiley

Is this replacing the Mini Kit Recipe Challenge ?

Left to right: 1. dark background 2. mixed media 3. mixed media 4. busy 5. tiny. 6. light background.

I don't know how to make my own color palette, so I've chosen the May BT palette. Thanks for the challenge. I don't love what I made, but I think this is just the push I need to get over that and practice to find what I do like!

DM_Week01_Papers_BB by Bethany Burgess, on Flickr

@Debbie: Yes! No mini kit challenge this month! You can make your own mini kit from this month's prompts if you only follow a few of them.

Everyone's papers are looking great! Be sure to let me know if you have any design questions and I'll do my best to answer them.

Thank you Marisa

what is a busy pattern?

Bethany, I only got the pic that's above, are all the papers available?

I think of a busy paper as something with a lot going on. More than just a basic pattern like polka dots. You could combine patterns or create a more involved pattern.

I'm sorry I've been away but I'm back now.

Can I still catch up from Week 1?

Also, are we just looking for papers per the prompts or are we supposed to actually create the papers from scratch? I'm unclear on what the assignment is.



Hi Becky. I was planning to share in The Commons when I am allowed more images. I don't have a way to share otherwise. Unless Flickr allows downloads, but I didn't look into that.

Thanks for the reply Bethany, they are really nice papers!

@Gina: the only real directions are to challenge yourself. You are totally allowed to use templates for these prompts. But if you think a good challenge would be to make your own then you should do that. 💜

I am still catching up on this. I handed in my last paper for this semester in grad school but now Pesach is coming up and that has tons of preparation. Once I find time to sit down, I should be able to blitz through at least a week's worth of prompts in one sitting, though.

Ended up adding a pink/purple to my colors, for wine

Awesome papers Shaindel!