August 2021 DC Color Qi: Melon

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August 2021 DC Color Qi: Melon

Qi as in Chinese, literally: air, breath. power, life. So we are looking for the essence of Jacques, what you think this color says.
The challenge here is to either make:
a swatch with our color
or a swatch and a mini (3 papers, 5 elements at least) with our color
or some graphics with our color.

That's a nice neutral color. I like it! Love your kit, too. Thanks for the Color Qi challenge, Bina!

@Christina Carrano: Happy you like it, Christina. smiley

@Christina Carrano: Oh, such a pretty kit, Christina! Thank you for playing along and sharing your creation. smiley

Thank you, Bina! I had fun! Can't wait to see the next color you choose. smiley

Yea! Here's mine! I love summer!! I saw that color and immediately thought of watermelon. My son loves watermelon so much he could sit down and eat the whole melon!!


Here are my swatch numbers:
white = f0f2e9
light pink = f8e0e4
pink = f8ced2
melon = f5b297
coral = ed5b46
green = 85ad68
lime = b0c05d

Karry, I always love your kits! They are so clean, crisp and inviting. Thank you for this sweet kit!

Gorgeous takes @Lisel Rice and @Karry Dempsey. Thank you both for playing along. smiley

@Bina is your image supposed to be a clickable link?

@Shaindel: Nope smiley not at the moment. There is one link in the in the challenge requirements only linking to our color.

@Bina Just wanted to make sure I wasn't going crazy or that you left it out by accident. The kit looks beautiful!