Better Immunity Swatch Challenge

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Better Immunity Swatch Challenge

Hello and thanks for joining in.

I have a swatch for you and a free mini until May 31st 2020 Tokyo time.

Please share your creation at some point.

Please join me and make a mini or more with the colors below and theme your kit around bettering your immune system. That can be many things. Like walking in the bush.

Super colors! Thank you.

So beautiful, Robin. Thanks for joining in! smiley

I did a little something too: ( Bina, I tried to download your mini kit but when I went to download, I was able to download only the preview. I don't quite know what happened. Maybe I did something wrong...)
@Robin: Beautiful mini kit!

(Click image)

Cintia: so pretty, love the stickers! Thanks for the info, Cintia, sorry... it's fixed smiley Thank you for joining!

Beautiful page Bina! smiley

Cintia: smiley I really like where this is going with the yoga and all, giving me some ideas...

I made a pc to share free thru June 30th 2020 Australian Eastern Standard Time, had the idea posting about how cold showers can improve the immune system and a rain shower can always improve Australia. Hope you like it.

I love those Bina! Off to dl smiley

Cintia: Thank you! smiley

Here is another pc, freebie on my blog.


Thank you Bina, those are very nice cards! smiley

I love the colors!

Here is my part - Download Here

Nilli: Many thanks for playing along with your beautiful creation. Off to download, it looks rad! smiley