True Blue: Evening Sky Swatch Challenge

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True Blue: Evening Sky Swatch Challenge

I have a swatch for you to make any kit from. The swatch evolves around the color of the year 2020 'True Blue' hexed at 183e7f

Any as in element, mini, papers, journal, whatever.
Minis are always nice. I made a kit and will share as soon as I can.

So looking forward to seeing your takes on this.

smiley Thanks for playing, Robin. What a beauty!
I love your kit and I think the way you do the PV with the white space in the middle is really smart.

These are no blog train colors tho, as to yet that is to say. It is just one of a number of palettes around the color of the year.

Thanks. Do you know where the Pixel Scraper Logo for commons is? I have a few kits to upload but can only find the blog logo.


that link is the download for the logo I think!

Found here:

look under the "uploading kits" portion. The logo will be one of the layers in the psd file. But that link should automatically download the psd for you. HTH!

Bina, I read the challenge several times and I still don't understand about the colors????

Thank you Rachel.

Thank you, Rachel!
@Robin: smiley Your kit sure looks as if you did understand the colors.....

Lol maybe I did. I thought we were to use the color pallet listed but you said something in your reply that shouldn't ??
Or is it because I used the blog train logo? I had trouble finding the Commons logo. Got it now.

Sorry guys, I am suffering from slow uploads....
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Robin, I love your kit!!

Bina, all your kits are sooo lovely! I will give a try to this challenge, too!!

smiley Thank you, Sonia. I'm so thrilled you are joining us.

Hello! I finally came out with this, hope you like it!!

It's in my blog;

Made a little mini kit. Hope it's okay. You can download it here.

Such a wonderful Easter surprise! Many thanks for playing, Sonia and Tracy!

Sonia> This is so beautiful, love the illustration of the yoga girl. smiley
Tracy> Gorgeous take of the swatch, I am so glad you found us here!

Thank you Bina. I hope to get accepted to the Commons area soon so I can upload it.

Pretty kits, Sonia and Tracy... many thanks!