Jan 2021 DC Color Qi: Marigold Orange #

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Jan 2021 DC Color Qi: Marigold Orange #

Welcome to the January 2021 Color Qi Challenge. Qi as in Chinese, literally: air, breath. power, life. So we are looking for the essence of Jacques, what you think this color says.

You have options here, yes you do.

Make some graphics including said color.
Build a palette around said color and include those colors in your designs.
Make (at least) a color chip mini (3 papers, 5 ellies) or paper pack (6 papers minimum) or make a note book kit, make an element pack, some flairs, you decide.

Please share an image of your creation here with us.

Have fun!

I will have a kit in January.. maybe I'll have a name for it by then.

Thanks for the color challenge. smiley


This is the color palette I came up with:

My kit will be available on PS January 8.

Wow, Gina, your kit is sooo beautiful, smiley Many thanks for playing along!

I absolutely love your swatch. I haven't dreamt up any myself so far, would you mind sharing the hexes ? I would just love to use your swatch.

I'll try to do the hexes when I get home from work.

The f0a02f was slightly out of gamut so I tweaked it a little. I really preferred the original color but didn't want to get a QC ding.

I used some artwork from Creative Fabrica, Design Bundles and Pixabay to create this mini.
Thanks for the challenge, Bina!

@Gina: Thank you so much!!!
@Lisel: That is a great swatch, Lisel, love it! Many thanks for playing along with your beautiful kit. smiley

Gina, would it be okay if I use your color palette, as well? Then we could mix and match some of the items, if we wanted.

Tina, yes, absolutely.

did some will upload a preview. this is my very first kit !

YAY!! I'm excited to see what you came up with.

Scrapping is addictive so this is probably the first of many kits. smiley

My first kit! One of my word tags is the same as yours, Gina, but the image is different, so I left it in. Not all the papers show on my preview but all the elements are there. Mine will be available as a free gift for signing up for my newsletter on my blog by Jan 4th.

Marisa Lerin (Flair template 19796; button template 3871)
Janet Kemp (Button templates 130497, 130515, 130517, 165593, 165602, 165606; stitch template 74681)
Sheila Reid (lace trim template 44223)
Violet Irisovna (Journal strip template 171201)

Total cuteness Tina!

I think most word tags, snippets, etc are similar when the theme is similar but we all have different styles so it just works.

here is my kit preview. its my first so any feedback would be welcome. dont know how or where to upload it to the web. thanks

Coming January 8th!

It's funny, I started working on my palette before I saw Gina's, and they are not identical but super close in some colors. Funny how that can happen.

Sarah, it's great to see you designing! Free places to upload a kit in zip file format are Dropbox, or Mediafire, or Megasync, just to name a few. But it kind of depends on your preference. I will say that, for me, I struggle with Dropbox because they restrict how many people can download and they will "suspend" downloading if there is too much "traffic". That gets annoying, but it is simple and user friendly otherwise.

Rachel, I am loving what I can see poking though the little holes in your preview. I was inspired by a bouquet of flowers (on pinterest) for the palette I chose so it wasn't all mine. I added a couple of colors to give it more of a wintry feel.

As with the blog trains, we can all use the same colors but we always come up with such diverse kits.

Sara, I'm glad to be privy to your first kit. As Lisel mentioned, there's a lot of options for where to upload. (I frequently use dropbox but also use Google Drive). As your work through the different levels of the commons, at level 3, you can upload kits. To me, that is one of the biggest perks of PS.

Sarah, how exciting! You very first kit. I remember mine. Great job.
Tina, Adorable!! Hard to believe it is your first. Outstanding!
Rachael Cant wait to see more!
Gina, super pallet and kit!

OMG, these kits here are so adorable!

I will make something too.
Gina, I will use your palette, is that ok?

I'd be honored for you to use the swatch Nili. I cant wait to see what you create.

For Tina Golden: What is the name of your website/blog? Thank you!

@Tina Golden: Wow, Tina, this is soo sweet. Love your kit.
@Sarah Evens: Wonderful idea for a kit and such a fun take, what a great first this is, Sarah! smiley
@Robin Sampson: Fantastic, Robin, I love your kit.
@Rachel Martin: So pretty, Rachel, love it all, many thanks for playing along.

@Bina, where is your part? lol

@Sarah, If you need help with uploading, you can contact me and I'll help you smiley

For some reason, I always have problems with orange colors and this time, I had such fun with the oranges colors!

Can't wait for the next month's challenge!

@Nilli: Gorgeous kit, Nilli. I'd like to say mine is still gamut checking but truth be told, I had started but then I didn't have time to sit down. Maybe next month smiley All the pretty swatches and kits here are really inspiring! smiley

This is my first time playing along. Thanks for the challenge. I can’t wait until next month. HMMM I can’t get a picture to post. What’s the trick? I’ve tried a link from Dropbox, Google Drive, and Google Photos. Thank you.

Karin, I was able to go into your post and fix it. I went to the photo address and right clicked the image and opened it in a new tab then right clicked and saved the image address and used that.