December 2021 DC Color Qi: Pick One

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December 2021 DC Color Qi: Pick One

Welcome to the December 2021 Color Qi Design Challenge.
Qi as in Chinese, literally: air, breath. power, life.

So we are looking for the essence of Jacques, what you think a color says. Since it is the December DC and we all need to bless ourselves some, you just pick any of the colors in the above swatch and build yours around it.

You can also just take this swacth.

cabdaf shroom
c77942 burnt orange
737650 mossy meadow
72918e teal feel
d3a49b happy bubble
89b1d8 baby blues
e7c181 mango tango
cad4d9 rainy sky

The challenge here is to either make:
a swatch with your color
or a swatch and a mini (3 papers, 5 elements - for example: journal card, fastener, frame, tag and flower - at least) with your color.
or simply some graphics with your color.

I used Teal Feel for this little mini.


Very cute.

Thank you, Karry! I really appreciate it when you post your full kits in the forum since I can only download one element at a time from the Commons.

Really? I didn't know that.

So great, Karry! What a fab, versatile mini with a retro vibe Love it.Thanks for playing along. smiley
I had to play around with it, great lil mini. Many thanks.

I used palette as is and added a few colors of my own.
Available now on my new blog!

Oh I love it Bina! Thank you!!

smiley Awesome, Jennifer. So beautiful!! Thanks so much for playing along.

Had to do a second one. I used Mango Tango for this one.


Beautiful, Karry; thank you!

Cannot upload to the commons. TXT is rejected. You can download from Dropbox here

@Jennifer Morgan: What a beautiful kit, thank you for playing along.

@Robin Sampson: What a great take, Robin, looks perfect. Thank you so much for playing along. smiley

@Karry Dempsey: So beautiful, Karry, I love your style. smiley

I chose the orange from the color palette.

Download here.

These items also match the mini kit posted in my Freebies here.

thanks for your sharing Amanda ))

Wellllll, I'm not a designer so I can't participate, but I can sure enjoy your submissions. Thank you, all. And a special Thank You to those who provided links to download. smiley

Hello Ladies,

thank you for your tireless efforts, even outside of Blogtrain and Freebies.

A special thanks this time to:

My try smiley


@Michaela Skerchil Love the cut-outs and the colors you chose to use. Very fun! Good job!

And thanks to ALL for sharing their efforts. It is so much fun to see what you talented peeps imagine into existence.

Thanks all for your kits