Designer Bingo!!

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Designer Bingo!!

Pick a row (horizontal, diagonal, vertical, 4 corners) and interpret the prompts into a mini kit, or something else!

What an incredible idea! Marisa, must it include ONLY the prompts from the line of choice?

A different challenge Yay!! this sound like fun, Will give it a try! smiley

It looks fun.. I'm going to give it a try!! smiley

This will be there a deadline? I'm taking the weekend off (if I can stay away from my computer that long lol!). smiley

Here is mine. You can download it on my blog.

Adorable kit, Nadia, Thank you!

@Judith: I think it can go either way, depending on what sort of challenge you want. I'll let you pick!

Here's mine. Download it from my blog.

Thank you for this challenge Marisa smiley
I chose the second vertical line from left to right and
This is what I created:
"Change is Good"
• • •

• • •
Download this and other freebies in my blog!

Everything is so great! Thanks, ladies, for all of your beautiful work.

Nadia! That is so cute! Love the colors and all the illustrations. smiley

You're Welcome Mindy!!

I'm so happy to participate in this designer challenge once again smiley
& since February is not over yet, I decided to do a love theme!
I chose the fourth horizontal line from top to bottom!
& this is what I created, hope everyone likes it! smiley
★ ★ ★

★ ★ ★
You can download this mini kit in my Blog

Here is my try on this super fun challenge:

I went with a diagonal line (blue/ stars/ brown/ scan something)
I hope you like it. You can grab it on my blog HERE

Super Cute kit, Cintia!

Great kit Cintia!!!

So cute, Cintia. Perfect for my car crazy 2 year old grandsons. Thank you

Thank you so much Beverly, Shirley and Harriett! smiley

I chose the purple/paint line so I decided to make a paint kit.

4shared - AS PSBC

GDrive - The World Is Your Canvas

Love the colors....neat kit, Andene!

So many great kits for this challenge! Here is my little one, hope I am not too late.

Download here

two rows yall they are on my blog for dl

Here is my kit. Took me a bit to get creative with a theme.

You can grab it here.

Bingo! I did the second horizontal row.

You can download it in my Blog

Thanks Shirley!

fun challenge!! smiley

@Elizabeth I love those watercolor papers!

@Kim - thanks! love the colors in your kit and am looking forward to using it! ps: love the pocket!! smiley

A day late but here is my kit .... I used a horizontal row which called for 2 ribbons, stars, yellow, 3 flairs and plaid. All the elements are original as well as the papers except the plaid. For the plaid I used paper template 287.

Here is Thankful for our beautiful children.

download here

Wow! I love them all! Thank you so much for sharing! smiley