Designer Challenge: Pet Shoppe - collab

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Designer Challenge: Pet Shoppe - collab

Both my dogs are very old and lately have been slowing down a bit. For this reason, I've been thinking about doing a dog kit. Then I thought that maybe you would like to join me in doing a pet collab / bundle for the commons.

For this challenge, I am providing a theme "Pet Shoppe" and a color palette. Please create a kit (you decide the size) and share it on the commons. Post the kit preview in here so we can see your creations.

Thanks in advance for participating.

The palette has nothing to do with my dogs, I'm just sharing a picture of them.

I am not a designer, but thought maybe someone could include a ferret. Tina had asked about one here:

Wait the pallet isn't showing up for me. smiley It just has a question mark. smiley

It was showing before but of course I didn't download it or otherwise note the colors. smiley

Yay it's back!

Hi Gina, can I participate? I am not part of the Commons

Yes. This is open to everyone.

I am having surgery tomorrow (4-24) so if you ask a question and I don't respond in a timely manner, I'll respond when I'm able to be up and about.

Best wishes to you, Gina! smiley

Thank you Bina.

I'm in! This will be a fun little kit to put together, and the colour palette is perfect for the theme too. Your doggies are just too darn cute to resist!

Good luck with your surgery Gina, I hope it's not too serious and wishing you a fast recovery! smiley

YAY!! I'm glad to see people interested in this kit. Almost everyone has a pet so I think it will be useful for all.

Madge, my daughter has multiple ferrets. I'll try to add a few ferret items soon.

Best wishes for you Gina!

Ok guys, I made a kit with some ferrets ( I don't really have one so any criticism will be very welcome.) Go to my blog to download (click image)

It's ADORABLE! Let me know if you want some ferret photos to use and I will gladly send you some of Galaxy)! smiley Thanks, Cintia!

Thank you so much Tina! I actually used some stock photos of real ferrets and stuffed ones to draw those in the mini kit. I'm so glad you like them! I can't wait to see Galaxy! smiley

So cute, love it, Cintia! smiley I esp like their heart shaped mouths.

Thanks Bina,they are actually the noses (At least in the photos, the ferret mouth is kind of "invisible" when it's closed...) smiley

Co cute Cintia! They looked like noses to me, btw and I LOVE the little sun paper! I had a hard time making a ferret and then I accidentally downloaded malware. I almost asked the guy at the computer hospital if he knew what kind of animal mine was supposed to be but for whatever reason I just listened to him about the various ways I could update my computer instead.

Gina I hope your surgery went well.

Thank you Jill! I'm sorry you downloaded a malware and had to fix your computer. Was it from my file? (I know there are some restriction to mediafire, but till this day it has been the only really reliable free storage site for me. Other ones keep giving me lots of headaches and trouble. I use an ad blocker and it does the trick for me concerning the times I download from mediafire.) I hope the fixing was easy for you and I'll keep looking for alternatives...
Gina I hope your surgery went well (2)

Edit: I added a Deviantart download.


No it actually all my own fault. I was in a hurry and this fake restaurant website said my Adobe Flash Player was out of date and that I couldn't get to the site without updating. I was just looking for a phone number for the restaurant!

I was so pressed for time and I figured my flash player probably *was* out of date. So I downloaded and it infected my computer. I will definitely be more careful next time.

For the record, our ferret hangs his mouth open a lot AND has a snaggletooth! It's so cute!

smiley smiley smiley

Cintia, Your kit is adorable!! I love the ferrets. smiley

My surgery went well. I spent an extra day in the hospital but I feel much better now. My fingers are still under the influence of anesthesia and are not communicating with my brain. I am not a strong typist but right now I'm a horrible typist. smiley

Great to hear that you are well, Gina!
Thanks for this great swatch and challenge. Image is linked smiley

For Carla's name/album challenge.

Here's Galaxy! Thanks, Cintia!

Beautiful page Tina and Galaxy is the cutest little thing! smiley Thanks for sharing!

I am still trying to make a full pet kit to put on my blog but I did get these two graphics up in the commons. I will edit this with links to the full kit soon. Very cute page and Tina and Galaxy is so cute! My ferret does not come across as very cute I'm afraid but hopefully he still looks like a ferret

Hopefully someone needs Scottish Fold kitties and bunnies!

Finally ready! Click here or on the picture for the kit. I put it up to be free for two weeks, pending Gina's instructions.

And I already have this up in the commons:

What is the deal with Designer Challenges? This is my first one. Is it ok to leave it up for free for awhile to let all the people get it and then put it in my shop? I read over the rules and it seems like this should be allowed.

Hi Jill,
Cute kit!
Concerning your question: The designer challenges come with no obligations. You can put them up for free or straight away on your shop, unless otherwise stated at the requirements. About this particular challenge, I'll wait until Gina answers you ok?
Hugs! ( I'm off to the commons to download now! smiley )

Thank you Cintia!

I was thinking (and actually posted) that it will be free for two weeks unless Gina tells me something different. Man I really bit off more than I could chew with this one but I'm happy with it overall.