Designer Challenge - It's a Pie Time Mini Kit - Due Nov 9th

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Designer Challenge - It's a Pie Time Mini Kit - Due Nov 9th

For last few weeks pies are on my mind: Apple Pie, Pecan Pie, Pumpkin Pie, Key Lime Pie any kind of a pie! So i thought it would be great time to make a pie inspired mini kit!

For this challenge make:

  • 10 pattern papers + optional solids
  • 30 elements (20 universal and 10 themed)
  • 10 word art pieces (5 universal and 5 themed)
  • for this challenge pick one of these palettes, or if you want combine your favorite colors from these palettes into one.

    Palette No.1

    Palette No.2

    Palette No.3

Sounds interesting............and I love the different palette choices.

I'm glad that you like the variation of palettes to choose from.

Great idea! And delicious!

I'm working on this mini kit. I have 6 papers and one element done. I'm doing something different this time and I actually planned out what the elements and the papers would be. I find its helping me to know exactly what to do next. So this has been a good challenge for me! smiley

Here are the colors I put together from the pretty palettes Ania listed.

I wish that I was as organized! I am working on this one, but I don't yet feel a good direction - It's a good learning experience.

Great palettes ladies. Jessica, I usually plan out my kits in 80% and at the end or whikle creating if I get inspired with something extra I will add that to the kit.

Well, this is what I came up with. I didn't feel like I really hit the Pie target, but it was an excellent opportunity to do some new things. They can be downloaded free from my blog, HERE.

Thank you, Sunny. Beautiful kits

Great Kit Sunny

Thanks for the pie kit Sunny ! smiley

I've been working on this as I can for the last week and I only have my papers made so far. smiley But I'm still trying...

Nice, Sunny!

@Sunny ~ Wonderful job! I love your clusters and I esp love that recipe page! Thank you!
@Tina ~ I know I have been there too. But I look forward to seeing what you do! smiley

Edited 10/19/23: Images now linked to Digital Scrapbook & also to add cluster freebie on blog.

Original: Here is what I ended up with...I'll get it posted on the blog either this eve or tomorrow. I'll probably leave it as a freebie for a couple of weeks before it heads to my shoppe. Thanks for the challenge Ania!
Edited: Images now link to blog page. smiley


I went with the first color palette. I still have to zip and upload the kit, but here is the preview for now. Please give me another day or so and I'll get it up on my website!

Love it Tina! Those are the perfect pumpkin pie colors! And that mixer is so cute!

I've got mine packed up but uploading will probably take a bit for me. My isp gives me a pretty slow upload. Hoping it wont take too long tho.

Oooo ladies I can't wait! I'll keep checking. BOTH of these kits look awesome!

Sunny, I love your kit, have downloaded it, and am looking at scrapping with it soon. Thank you so much for always taking the challenge, and all the work you put into your kits!

That's cute, too, Jessica!

Mine is up now (HERE)...but I'll have to work on the word art portion. WA is hard for me for some reason! smiley

@Lisel ~ It's up now! smiley Harvest Pie Kit
@Tina ~ Thanks! I'm not great at word art myself. For me I think it's because in IRL I am very quiet. More of an observer and visualizer than talkative. But for some reason the pie words just flowed. Sometimes it's just like that.

Hey, Sunny (and other users of Dropbox)! Dropbox tip...if you change the 0 at the end of your URL to a 1, it becomes an instant download (doesn't open another window). Hope that helps!

Tina, thanks for the great tip on Dropbox! And I love that hedgehog in your kit - so precious.

I sure love the kits that you and Jessica put together for this theme. You guys really inspire me to become better at my work. I really love this community, you are so supportive and helpful.

Ladies, all of the kits are amazing. I'm so happy you all enjoyed this challenge.

OK, I added some more stuff to the COMMONS (URL keeps breaking, but you can copy & paste this:[0]=is_uid%3A17647 ), including my interpretation of "word art". smiley

Sunny, it's fantastic! Thank you so much!

Jessica, it's a fantastic bundle! Thank you so much! Love the colors.

Tina, thank you so much for your kit!

I can smell the aroma wafting around these designer challenge kitchens. Love those pies! Thanks so much.

Thank you all for the great kits! Long live pie!