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The Koala kit is adorable. Love the color pallet.

the reason they call them Palmettos is because they live and nest in the palmetto bushes and trees in the Florida region, they also fly UGH!!! When I lived in florida years and centuries ago, I actually was woken up because one was staring at me from the next pillow. I kept the fam up all the rest of the night looking for that bugger, as he flew somewhere as soon as I screamed!

They are not technically cockroaches, but of the same family.

EEK!! The thought of waking up to a Palmettos staring at me ... smiley

Had one in our hotel room in Orlando - laying dead on the floor in front on my bed ... almost step on it in the morning.
Reported it to the front desk and gave them the dead body in a plastic cup ...

Yes, I know, there are cockroaches (or palmettos), but I don't want them in my hotel room. I believe one reason was that this hotel also offers room service and some guest just put the tablets on the floor in front of their room after finishing the meal. So this was also a nice meal for the cockroaches/palmettos.

But having a palmetto staring at me - can't even imagine this smiley and they can fly? smiley

It is rather unimaginable lol, but true...

smiley Thank you, ladies! This is such a great challenge.

I finally got this ul'ed. smiley

Here is a 100% off coupon good thru Oct 31st 2019: KF5QUDBT

Many thanks again, Gina, I love your designer challenges!

I tried the coupon (and the one for the Saltie Ride) and both of them come up with "Coupon does not exist!". I'm wondering if it's the ' in Gina's? It seems to use / instead?

Wow, Lisel thank you, I updated the codes! Thank you so much! smiley

I have hosted a lot of pics at tinypic and they are closing. As a result, many (most) of my images will disappear from the forums. I am sorry about that because I cannot replace all of them.