February 2024 Mini Kit Recipe Challenge

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February 2024 Mini Kit Recipe Challenge

I have a mini kit recipe challenge for you today! Follow the prompts below to create your own mini kit. Be sure to share your results!

1 striped paper
1 plaid paper
1 solid paper
1 polka dot paper
2 other patterned papers

2 frames
1 brad/flair
1 paper flower
2 flowers
1 leaf
3 labels
2 word art
1 scalloped edge
1 flower doodle
2 blank tags

Spoilers: click here to see the mini kit I used for this recipe.

I made a mini kit for this list (thank you Marisa!)

Matches next month's BT

Hi everyone hoping to get a kit up. Weather is breaking a bit here. So, I have been doing a lot of outdoor work.
I put together a kit. Link for the kit in dropbox.Just tried my link did not let me download. Did it work for any one ? https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fi/r37y890vqh1qy74g1niak/February-2024-Mini-Kit-Recipe-Challenge.zip?rlkey=uzhb8ph4gwnaegzxirs5dvwr6&dl=0

Marisa, do you have to be a designer to make a kit?

@Claire: Anyone can make a kit! smiley

Thanks Sarah. Does it have to be an original kit of my own designs or can I make it from things found her at Digital Scrapbook?

You should use your own designs - but you could use elements (with commercial licence, not personal) from DS if you modify them in creative way.

Thank you x

I don't know what I'm doing. This is my first mini kit and I really liked the idea of having some guidance and a color palette, so I used the March BT palette. Here is what I've made this month, except for a flower doodle because I don't know how to make a doodle. I really don't like it, but I'm forcing myself to share it anyway so I'll eventually redeem myself and share something I do like. smiley

MarchMiniPreview by Bethany Burgess, on Flickr

I like what you did Bethany. The papers are great and the elements seem really well thought. (My first kit didn't go nearly as neat as yours.)

Thank you, Cintia. I do think participating helped me learn some things I might have avoided otherwise. Not that I mastered them, but I got some practice and awareness. smiley

I have been posting free kits. When I tried link could not download without signing in.
Did anyone try my link?

It downloaded fine for me Debbie! smiley

I had no trouble downloading it today.