July 2017 Commercial Use Blog Train - "Summer BBQ" - Final List

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July 2017 Commercial Use Blog Train - "Summer BBQ" - Final List

For each train, you will make between 1 to 3 CU element/paper templates (no more) which you will give away on your blog or here if you do not have a blog on July 15th. Your freebie needs to be available for minimum 2 weeks.

The Theme is

For this blog train, you can make anything that comes to your mind when thinking Summer BBQ--papers, word art, hot dogs, burgers, ketchup bottles, cold drinks, popsicles, picnic tables, grills, aprons, tongs, spatulas, even ants! These have to be Commercial Use allowed.

We use a standardized neutral palette for this train. You can download the .aco file here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9-P5o79Lu1JS2pVNk1Ma2hmT0U/view?usp=sharing and the image file here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9-P5o79Lu1JSzB0Q3dnVFpkczQ/view?usp=sharing

If you have any questions let me know, and post your previews along the way so we can all see what you are making--I can't wait to see them!

On July 13th, I will make this post into the final list.

You can find the DigitalScrapbook.com Preview if you need it here: https://www.digitalscrapbook.com/marisa-lerin/designs/pixel-scrapper-preview-package-template-paper just download it add your logo and name and you are set.

Thank you, Holly. I'll get to work on this.

okies, i am putting my thinking cap on......oh... wait, that's my act-silly cap.....wanders off to look for thinking cap.......

@ Cully - May I borrow your Act-Silly cap? Mine has a hole in it from over use.................

rofl! and look! finds lots of dust bunnies to play with!!!

I weirdly (or not that weirdly since it's summer) have a barbecue kit coming out in July. Maybe I'll make a little add-on for it smiley

Click on image for download:

I'm game!

I would like to try this.

I'm in

any problem if we vary from the neutral palette. BBQ just needs more color.


Haha, Cully, I know what you mean! Personally, I prefer to make templates with a bright palette, but we've been using this neutral palette for a year now and it was adopted so the blog train contributions would be consistent. Maybe we can work on revising the palette to have a bit more color to it for next month, though... smiley

Here is my Preview. This is my first time, so if I have done something wrong, please let me know. Thank you!


Count me in too smiley
I am sorry, I only found time to make one item. Not participating as originally planned.

This will be on my blog! I'm sorry that I didn't follow the neutral colors! My burger looked spoiled! see for yourself :p

looking forward to this ... I have some that I can make into CU.

Just a reminder, ladies: this CU blog train comes out in 2 days--get your parts posted! smiley

Hi Love the table, basket and apron but can only download the picture (on flickr rather than a zip file) can you help me please many thanks

Hi Sorry after I wrote you a note it your lovely table, apron and basket came up with a medifire.com download so was able to
download and un zip the file to get your lovely stuff. Thank you so much

Sorry- I ran out of time this month! But everyone's submissions are awesome!

Hi Holly, I saw that folks were busy and weren't able to get to the BT this month and wanted to contribute. Would you be able to keep this thread open for another day or so?

It'll be open till the end of the month anyway for thank you comments, Elizabeth, but if anyone wants to add to the train, I have no issues with that either!

Thanks Holly!! smiley

Download HERE

cute kits.. thanks ladies ! smiley smiley

Awesome!! Thanks girls smiley

Love those! Thank You!

Thank you so much for all these great templates! smiley