March 2022 DC Color Qi: Irish Green

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March 2022 DC Color Qi: Irish Green

Welcome to the March 2022 Color Qi Design Challenge.

Qi as in Chinese, literally: air, breath. power, life.

So we are looking for the essence of Jacques, what you think a color says. This month we have Irish Green

PMS: 347 C, Hex Color: #009A44, RGB: (0,154,68), CMYK: (92,0,97,0)

The challenge here is to either make:

a swatch with our color or
a swatch and a mini (3 papers, 5 elements - for example: journal card, fastener, frame, tag and flower - at least) with our color or simply some graphics with our color.

Here is the link for the kit, free thru March 22 , Tokyo time.

For this layout I also used one of Marisa's congenial circle texts and Janet Kemp's The Lucky One template set which really is omnipresent in scrapland......

Ooooooooh, green is my most favorite color and this is such a pretty shade. It will be fun to work with. Thank you, Bina! smiley

Oh, so happy you like it, Annette Marie smiley Thank you so much for your lovely compliment in the Feb 22 BT thread .... blush .... makes my day!!! I also love your layouts, designs and s t e l l a r photos. The PSBT is unique in scrapland and if we follow the colors (not the money in this case, lol) everybody can see how far and wide it goes. Marisa's BT swatches are rather more of an avalanche than a trend.

Awwwwww, Bina--you are so welcome. I am thrilled to the tips of my toes to hear my simple but sincere words made your day--YAY! Bless your generous heart for the kind remarks regarding my scrapping efforts. How I appreciate your support. I am basking and beaming. And I am so glad you said this about Marisa's color selections. I was perusing some of the stores over the last few weeks and I kept thinking I was seeing BT colors in the kits. I had decided I was being delusional, but you have confirmed my impressions and what an awesome thing that is! Influence--we has it!

I've been knee-deep in shamrocks all day--thanks to you and this challege--and oh, what FUN I have had throwing them around with some digital green glitter and Celtic knots. Wheeeeeeeee!

smiley smiley smiley smiley

I've got my palette worked out. I went 100% classic St. Patrick's Day colors. Once I saw your shamrock element, and your beautiful pages, Bina, I couldn't get any other idea to work and that is absolutely okay. I realized I've never designed anything for St. Patrick's Day so this little exercise in creativity will be uncharted oh-so-fun territory. Thanks for the awesome challenge!

Yes, I did have some "I'm five at heart" giggles coming up with names for the colors--LOL--I just make my own fun!

Oh, these look fab, AMarie!! I might need to play with them soon. So happy you like the challenge smiley

I sure had fun putting this kit together and getting my Irish on in Photoshop. Bina, I would love to see you (or anyone) make use of this palette if they like it. That would be great fun for me. Happy St. Patrick's Day about a month early. smiley

Click to get a bigger picture in a new tab if you wanna see the details.

Download at my blog.

Download here.

Amanda, all I can think of when I look at this sweet little mini kit is grass, and Spring, and flowers and warmth and "aaaaaaaaaah." That green is so striking with the gray. Love the polka-dot paper especially, but the whole kit is very nice. Gold star effort, I say! smiley

Fabulous, Annette Marie. Thank you so much for playing and sharing your beautiful creation! smiley

Looks like you had a hunch of next month... so fun. Love the tote, such a great idea! Thank you so much for playing and sharing your beautiful creation, Amanda Bell.

thanks for your sharing ))

smiley You're welcome, Biche. It is my pleasure. smiley

smiley I had a blast with this challenge, Bina. It was my pleasure to participate in it and to share the results. Thanks again for providing such inspiring opportunities to stretch our designer wings. smiley

Thank you so much, @Annette Marie. So great!!! smiley smiley smiley
Sorry guys, I am really late with this one but here is the link for the kit , free through March, Tokyo time.

smiley thanks for all )))