May 2017 Mini Kit Challenge: All Done!

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May 2017 Mini Kit Challenge: All Done!

I hope you had fun with two weeks of prompts! Now it's time to finish things up. Share your preview below and any download links if you have them.

So I finally finished! I didn't get as much done as I would like and there are some things I'm really proud of and some I'm a little disappointed in but I'm really glad I took part! I have it up for download but I've never done this before so I hope it works.

*Edit To Add* Not all elements are shown in the preview, there are 31, I may have gone a little bit overboard smiley

Download here

Click on image to download this kit...

Wow, gorgeous minis, everyone! Congrats on successfully completing the challenge!

You can download my mini from my dropbox account



Thank you, everyone!
Your kits turned out awesome!
Samantha, I love the grungy damask print styles, they are awesome!
Thank you for sharing your work!

Here is what I made... and it will be for the July Blog Train. I think I'll make some journal cards and more word art, too.

Everybody's kits look so great! Thanks for sharing your work!
Lisel, I can't take all the credit for those, I found a really awesome texture and fell in love! The website is in the credits file for anyone who downloads!
Sunny and Dana, I mostly scrap my family so I'm so glad to have even more supplies smiley
Kayl, Rachel and Shannon, I love your palettes, they're so pretty smiley
Erin, I can't wait for the July blog train now! Such great ideas smiley

Beautiful kits, everyone! Thank you for sharing.

Very beautiful kits you made everyone--thanks so much xxxx

Rachel...I Love This Kit!...Very Modern!...Great Triangles & Circles!...Gorgeous Color Palette Too!...Thank You Very Much!...Love!...Love!...Love!...Can't Wait To Download!...

Just Want To Say A Great Big Thank You For All Your Hard Work Everybody Who Worked On This Challenge!...I Wish I Could Design Stuff!...So Thank You All For Your Lovely Kits!...

Sunny...I Am Just Discovering Your Lovely Vintage Style...Love Your Quote About Family...Family Really Is Everything!...Thank You For This Cute Mini!...Nice Border Pieces Too!...

Erin...Gorgeous Bright Colors For Summer!...Can't Wait To Get This One!...Thank You For Sharing!...

Dana...My Dad Is My Hero Too!...Nice WA Here & Nice Blue Palette!...Love That Little Dad Flair!...Thank You Very Much!...

Kayl...My Mom Passed Away Many Years Ago Now & She Was My Best Friend!...Love The Soft Colors Here...Nice Flowers & Sweet Quote!...Thank You Very Much!...

Shannon...Ladybugs...Ladybugs...Everywhere...Cute Flowers & Who Doesn't Love Ladybugs!...Thank You Very Much!...

Samantha...Be Brave & Go Forward...Some Advice I Got Once...Keep Designing...Everything Takes Practice..I Remember When I Was First Learning How To Do Layouts...I Didn't Like All Of Them Either But I Got Better At Them With Time & Am Still Learning Everyday...I'm Hard On Myself Sometimes...I'm A Perfectionist...I Couldn't Design To Save My Life...So Keep Going...Be Proud!...Thank You For Sharing!...

@ Rhonda Designing starts with a single step, so I encourage you to jump in on some of the designer challenges - they are so terrific for learning! Being hard on yourself is a common thing among us women, but the people here are so supportive and helpful to the "beginner". The tutorials here are great for learning some specific skills, and there are several free software programs that some of the designers use - I just want to encourage you to "play along".

Available on my blog! Promethean Concepts

Amazing kits everyone! Thanks for sharing.

One more kit! Irish Morn is homage to the classic film The Quiet Man starring John Wayne and Maureen O'Hara. Not really a mini kit, there are 12 papers and 50 elements.


000 Preview--Irish Morn by Cully



Just saw this post...better late than never, I suppose! smiley

I have extra items I'm adding to the commons as well.

Week 1

Week 2

Link to ALL items HERE!

You are so very talented! Thank you

Cully, I absolutely LOVE this kit you made! Thank you so much!

Thank you all for your lovely kits. What an artistic lot you are.

A warm thank you to all the generous designers who so willingly offer their hardwork as freebies! Great work, everyone...thank you one, thank you...
@Kayl...I adore your pallette...& the wordart especially!
@ Sunny... I have always loved your contributions, your colour choices are so steady...they keep me rooted!
@ Tina... lovely papers...& I'm partial to scatters smiley !
@ Can't wait for July smiley !!!

I am so happy you like it! This is my second kit for PixelScrappers, I have another spring kit in a Japanese style here. Perhaps you would like it also.

and thanks so much for your kind words. For us newbies at designing, it's like a big ol mountain of sunshine! smiley