May 2018 CU Blog Train - Final List

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May 2018 CU Blog Train - Final List

Please post your submissions for the May Commercial Use Blog Train here.

This month's theme is ANNIVERSARY.

Your portion should be available on your blog starting May 15th until at least the end of the month.

Our commercial-use blog train uses a standardized palette for consistency. The image with hex codes is available HERE and those of you who use Photoshop or PSE can download an ACO file HERE.

Please use this logo on your preview.

For each month's train, you will create 1-3 items; these must be released with a commercial use license. You can make papers, overlays, elements, or templates. They need to be completed and posted on your blog on the 15th, or the download can be linked in the list thread posted each month if you don't have a blog. In either case, they should be available for a minimum of two weeks.

Available here. Click on the image to download:

Phew! I finished in time. Yay for me! LOL, LOL These are layered templates in .tiff and .psd file format. You can find them on my blog on the 15th of May 2018. I hope you will like playing with them! I had fun. smiley The templates are on my blog now. Go here to my blog: CU A Beautiful Mess!

I think I have something at home,too! Reserving!

On my blog now! Click preview!

Hi Marisa! I'm back and I think I will participate this month here.
One doubt: Can we use just one or two colors or all of them in the palette?
Thanks for the help.

Hi Diry! How are you?? Nice to see you here. Yes, if I am not mistaken you can use two colors in the standard pallet. Can't wait to see what you come up with!

Hi Sharon!!! Yes! I will try to participate a little in the forum & the Cu blog train is my fav smiley
Thanks so much for the help with the colors smiley
Can't wait to see your awesome part too!

This will be available on my blog on or before May 15.

Fantastic Gina! These graphics will come in handy. I'm always amazed at what you do with your designs. Truly wonderful.

Thank you Sharon. I was stumped by the "Anniversary" theme but came up with the idea for love birds. I am now working on a much larger collection.

The love birds is a great concept. I didn't think of that. I was thinking about bears. So hopefully my templates will work! LOL

You can go grab this off my blog


This is my part smiley
Will be available in my blog
on May 15th smiley

You can download my part on my BLOG I created some brushes and layered, handdrawn images. Hope you like it. (ps, there's an extra freebie on that post)

wow!! Thank you girls ! it's very beautiful CU, like it! smiley smiley

We are online!!! Great work everyone!!! smiley

Thank you for the beautiful designs and the heartwarming generosity!

Thank you to everyone. Love the creativity here!

Hi Folks,
You can find my little ditty on my personal blog here: possible dowload smiley

Sorry you always have problems Bourico, simply do not know how to fix it for you.
The file has been downloaded at least 20 times already, no problem for anyone else that
I know of, so never understood why you always have them, but sorry again.
Download is there on the page, accessible to everyone.

these are great! thank you so much, ladies!

Thank you so much are all so talented.

Angela, sorry, it's my antivirus!! I can now dowload , it's OK, YES!!!! smiley smiley


Lovely, Thank you!

I have made "several" attempts to download in the very least the cake, but I not had much success. smiley

I'm in love with those creations! This blog train is such a good idea! smiley

Thank you all for your offerings! Great work!

thanks everyone! Great work!

I love this, it’s so pretty with the muted colours x