Mini Kit Challenge: Deadline Jan 16

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Mini Kit Challenge: Deadline Jan 16

It's a new year and time to get back in the saddle! First of all, I would encourage all of you to set some goals about what you'd like to to accomplish or improve in your designing this year. I've been working on my drawing and Illustrator skills, and I'm planning to continue on with that. It's good to have at least one thing to focus on and consciously try to improve. Also, it might help me to improve these challenges! But back to the point....Here's your mini kit challenge:

Your mini kit should include ONLY the following:

  • 6 papers
  • 12 elements

How do we submit the kits, Marisa? (Sorry if it's a silly question, I've never taken part before)


**Found the answer!**

Hi ! This is my first time too !!!
Can we pick the color palette and theme ? smiley

Hi Maria - Yes, you can pick everything as long as it includes what she listed. Have fun! Can't wait to see your minis ladies. smiley

yay! another great challenge, thanks Marisa!

Well, I've been playing around lately making kits. I got a bunch of pallets from Design-Seeds and I learned how to recolor with my PSE9. I have 3 kits finished so I pulled out 6 papers and 12 elements (from each) to make these minis.

Here are the Downloads:
Flamingo Field - []
Flora Fields - []
Autumn Patina - []

I have more elements and papers for each of these; if anyone is interested just contact me and sent you a link!

Hi Maria - Yes, you can pick everything as long as it includes what she listed. Have fun! Can't wait to see your minis ladies. smiley

Thanks Amanda !!! smiley

Yay! I can't wait smiley

I really want to get in on this, but I think I need to do some exploring of PSE first. Can't wait to see what everyone comes up with.

Muchas gracias por compartir tu trabajo, esta todo precioso. en realidad es difícil encontrar gente tan generosa y desinteresada que hace cosas tan hermosas y las entrega a quien las necesite, en realidad muchas gracias.

I am amazed at how fast this came together for me... I'm usually one of the stragglers at the end, haha. smiley

Find it on my blog:

Beautiful work! Love them! Thank you. xoxox Beth

Wow Pauline beautiful kits!

Cathrine love the tag with the kit name on it and the banner is a good twist too smiley

@Catherine: Lovely colors smiley Thank you for sharing!!

Just like Catherine I was surprise that I was able to get my kit done, I really got inspired smiley Well here it is!
"New Beginnings"
★ ★ ★

★ ★ ★
You can download this mini kit in my Blog enjoy!

You ladies rock. Great designing!

wow awsome work

@Tamara: Muchas gracias, nos gusta hacerlo!! smiley (thanks, we like to do it!!)

Don't know if I am going to make the deadline, I have been working on a kit but I have to make more elements and the past weeks where a bit of crazy around the house.

Here is mine "loads of love" made with PS products. Download with the link above.


Wow, you Ladies are awesome!!! Thank you!

Great job everybody! I need to get started on mine but this weekend has been crazy!

Hey all! I'm happy I had time to get my hands on this one. I decided to give up on some of the mass of color I've been working on lately and go simple and neutral. Enjoy! It's on my blog.


Very nice, Amanda!

Oh I love the neutral palette Amanda!

Beautiful work as always, ladies!!! Keep the kits coming smiley

Well, here is mine. I used one of the palettes that didn't make it for the blog train of January.


Very nice mini kits ladies smiley

I can't wait until every posts their kits. I love seeing the variety of styles.

Here's mine, I hope it will trigger a January thaw...otherwise I'm doing the next one with a beach theme!

You can download the kit in my BLOG.

I may have 3 more minis in the 6 and 12 format by the time this challenge is due... two of them are for blogs trains that go out on the 15th. smiley

Wowwww, beautyful kits girls! Great job! smiley