Mini Kit Challenge - Brought to You by the Letter P

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Mini Kit Challenge - Brought to You by the Letter P

This week is brought to you by the letter P. Here's your assignment for this week:

Your mini kit should include 10 papers and 20 elements. Use the following prompts in your designing:

  • something plastic
  • something purple
  • something pink
  • something plush
  • something peculiar

Good luck!

Awwww...this one sounds hard. haha

This is an intriguing week .... not sure if I will have one this week but will add one when I get it done ... I'm sooo pooped lol smiley

I do agree with Karry, it sounds hard!! smiley

I'm not good with "plush" would be a good time to figure out how to make those puffy felt elements smiley

Hello! Karry, I have found some tutorials that will come handly! Links here:

And some free (CU) Felt Styles here:

Hope to have been of aid!

Here is a very cool video for creating plush .... it's actually using a furry swatch and taking it from there including a couple of drop shadows .... it is an extremely fast tutorial so I had to stop and start a couple of times but the instrumental playing is cool too ...and it's in Spanish !!! smiley

Found another

here is mine u can dl on my blog

Here's mine...

You can get it on my blog.

Pauline .... I just love love love that horse peaking around the paper ... I love the horses and horse papers ... very cool kit

Thanks for those links, Mary! I actually found the original tutorial a month or so ago, but since the felt styles were no longer available, my pieces came out looking more like terry cloth (which I actually loved and thought worked with the baby theme of the blog Now I can try it again with something felt looking and have multiple options!

Sounds fun! Everyone's looks fantastic so far! I love the ponies! And the different color animal prints--too cute!

I am a little nervous, as this is my very first time participating in one of these challenges. I hope I did everything right smiley I have included some of the cu items that are available on this site ( I can't help myself - they are WONDERFUL!) and I have included some elements that I have created myself. You can download on my blog, here:

Here is my little kit .... There are plush papers, a plush little purple owl who is just slightly peculiar .... he doesn't know which way is up or down. Plastic frames and word art round out the challenge's requirement smiley. Personal use only. Pick it up here:

I love what I'm seeing! These letter prompts seem fun. I'd like to try one out myself one of these days.

@Jessica: I love the princess theme! So cute!

I learned a lot from making this kit: Stitching, felt texture, "puffy" look, .... I could go on. I had a lot of fun.
something plastic: Rocket(s)
something purple: paper and frame
something pink: Planet
something plush: paper and felt embellishment
something peculiar: weird shaped/flower shaped felt objects

Download here

Download here

Here is a quick page to go with it:
Download here

Download here

Amara, that is so cute! I LOVE your little green alien!!

@Patricia: Thanks smiley It was a lot of fun putting it all together smiley

Gah...need to edit...sorry.

Fun kit, Joyce! I think the animal print paper assortment is terrific!

Pauline, those purple ponies are awesome! I can't wait to use them to make a card for a purple and pony loving young friend.

Jessica, you did a great job with your first kit share! I haven't jumped into the pool yet, but you have gotten me thinking about it. Your teal patterned papers are beautiful. I love your teal and purple color combo.

Susan, LOL at your upside down owl! He is simply adorable!

Cute, Cute, Cute, Amara! I really like how you used your elements in your sample layout.

mmmm something peculiar has me for this one..but i will

Amara, thanks for the kit. It's just darling.

@Harriett: You are very welcome smiley

@Lizzy: Thanks smiley I was on a roll and figured why not smiley

Ok i got carried away with the papers smiley the kit has 22 of them. so those who wish to download be prepared as its a big 151mb
plastic (cup) purple and pink (right thru the kit) plush is the fur edge on the party hat, peculiar (roof streamers)

Download Here

Love your pink birthday kit, Debra!

@ Beverly...Thank you