Mini Kit Challenge - Deadline March 6

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Mini Kit Challenge - Deadline March 6

This week your challenge is to make an add-on mini kit for an existing bundle/kit from one of our wonderful designers. Pick one that you love, or that you think will be a challenge! Good luck!

Thank you for this challenge Marisa, I already have one in mind smiley

Oh, can I do more than one? I have a few I really love! smiley

Oh! What a wonderful challenge! What fun!!!!!

I was just coming here today to see if there were any new challenges and I loved this one. I took my inspiration from your Paris bundle Marisa and here's my version

You can download it on my blog

I'm finally done with my add-on,
my inspiration was "Simple Pleasures" from Sheila Reid!
I really love her work & she inspires me!!
Here is what I created, I really love how everything turned out!
★ ★ ★

★ ★ ★
You can download my version on my Blog


@Jeanet: It makes me want to scrap some more Paris!

My inspiration was more along "theme" so mine is an addition to go with the 'Boozy' collections. I could have kept going and going.



Boozy Vodka
Boozy Vodka Extra

I chose Mom bundle collab between Marisa and Brooke. Here is my add-on:

get it in my BLOG

Wonderful mini kits Ladies! Everyone did a A+ job.

smiley Karry! Have the perfect set of photos in mind for your additions!

Great! I can wait to see them!

Great job ladies! Marisa that is so generous of you to allow others to add to what you've created!

I love Sheila's kit, and your additions, Jiovanna, are simply lovely. Thanks for adding to this kit!!

Lovely! So fun to see all these minis!

I went back and found Marisa's pretty Mother's Day Mini and made a mini to compliment it.

You can find it on my blog.

Oops, posted in the wrong forum.

@Marisa: Thank you! smiley

@Karry: I really love the colors that you used!! smiley

@Mindy: Thank you very much, glad you like it! smiley

I went with Marisa's Spring Fields kit. I really liked the colors and "spring" is catching my eye. Wishing it was here already! I incorporated a couple of the papers from the bundle - the journal card border and the pink flair.

You can download from my blog. smiley

I chose Marisa's At Twilight kit because I really like the colors! Here is my add-on that you can download from my blog here www://

here is my mini add on to the love me kit on my blog for dl

Sorry this is late, but I'm going to post it anyway. Really loved this challenge smiley

This is sooo beautiful...I love the grungy papers and the elements are wonderful. thanks for sharing.

I love this favorite combinations of grungy and swirly. This is just beautiful. ty