Mini Kit Challenge - Deadline Oct 31

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Mini Kit Challenge - Deadline Oct 31

I pick the content, you pick the palette. Your kit should include ONLY the following:

- 10 papers
- 5 wordy elements (word art, labels/tags with words, etc)
- 3 shape elements (flowers, arrows, stars, etc)
- 2 frames
- 1 bows/ribbon
- 4 misc elements

@Marisa: Thank you for another great challenge, I'm more than happy to participate smiley

@Marisa: yay! another challenge.. can't wait smiley

Love these challenges.

Oh yay!!! Another one!!

Funn! smiley

Here is the mini kit i made for this challenge, hope you guys like it as much as i do..
it was fun working on it, leave some love while downloading, thanks!
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you can download this and many more freebies here in my blog ♥

Samantha smiley

Very pretty the colors. I haven't started yet, I'm looking for colors still. Hmm?

Thank you Kiana, can't wait to see yours!! smiley

@Samantha: Lovely kit and colors! smiley
I have mine here:

Download at my BLOG

Thank you so much Cintia..
yours is lovely as well i love the color you chose,
and i love how they all look together..

Cintia- I love that little deer!! So cute. And your kit is great!1

@Samantha - Beautiful color scheme.
@Cintia - your flowers are gorgeous - how did you get them so shiny?

This challenge was fun! (but aren't they all? lol). Here's my mini kit. Putting it on my FB for anyone who wants it. Just click the "freebies" tab (I'm sure y'all know the drill.) smiley

Cherry Blossom Mini Kit by zoenanai, on Flickr


Thank you so much Amanda, i love working with bright colors, i really love how this kit turned out..
and by the way i love the colors you used for your mini, pink is my favorite color and i'm in love with your flower.. smiley

Thank you so much girls!!! All those word bits where a new for me. i'm glad you like it!!
@Amanda: one of the flowers where already shiny and the other is from Sheila Reid here at Pixel Scrapper. i guess the shine was a combination of using levels, sharpening and the colors... I love your kit and the colors!!!

The word portion was a challenge for me too.

Amanda- cute kit, love the colors you chose!!!

Thank you. smiley

My first designer challenge here. I hope you enjoy. smiley

Download @ 4Shared here

Sorry there is no download link yet! I will give you all a heads up once it is...

I love all the minis so far! Great color palettes and wonderful papers and elements! I agree with others that the word part was difficult and now I know when my mind goes blank to grab a

Here's mine! Hope you like it! smiley

You can download it on my blog HERE.

@Tricia - lovely palette and I love all the flutterbys!

@Melouise - I love your little cute. Love your palette.

@Priscilla - love your palette and that banner. Great word bits

Tricia.. to be your first challenge you did awesome.. i love everything about your mini kit smiley

Priscilla.. i love the colors you chose for your mini kit, love how they look all together... adorable kit smiley

Thanks, Samantha! smiley

Thank you, Kiana! smiley

You're Welcome Tricia smiley

Beautiful mini kits everyone, here is mine, hope you all like it smiley
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You can find it in my blog :)

I am giving myself some restrictions this time! smiley Including Marisa's rules. Working on a Jugendstil kit with modern colors...and I really love all of your mini kits! They look great.

Update: You can download mine here:

Really pretty Samantha, love your colors! Thanks for sharing.

thank you and you're welcome Julie, i'm glad you liked the colors, i think they combine pretty good!