Mini Kit Challenge - Deadline Sept 25

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Mini Kit Challenge - Deadline Sept 25

For your mini kit challenge this week, I'm just going to specify a color. Use that color as part of your palette and take it from there!

Your color: RED!

My favourite colour ... my kitchen has a lot of happy red in it smiley

Here is my new kit Peanut Butter Jelly Time:

It was inspired by this: (enough said...haha)

Dropbox Download

Awesome kit, Karry!!

Peanut butter-jelly...yum! Lovely kit.

I will try to come up with something. Maybe something for Christmas as it is just around the corner.

@Karry ~ Cute PB&J theme Karry! Cute little boy too! My boys always looked like that after a PB&J too hehe. smiley

Ok here is my take on the "Red" Challenge...been working on this since I saw the post hehe.

8 papers & 12 elements in 300dpi [will have to update previews later]

One quickpage in png format

Oh & that's my great grandmother in the quickpage example She was born in 1904 - the height of Edwardian times & part of the inspiration to do this theme for the challenge.

Just click on the images to download...please let me know if there are any issues.

@Jessica.. love the REDNESS of the kit. I feel old.. my grandmother was born in 1885...the height of the victorian! My mother was born in 1911.
Generations...span the trippy to think about how much has changed!

Poodle ~ thanks! That is really neat how your grandmother was born in 1885! What stories she could have told! But it is amazing the generation overlapping. There are very few things I would keep from this time era. If I could hop on a time train and LIVE back in 1885 I'd be ok. smiley

Lovely the inspiration is dot on (LOL) love the kit thank you.

Here is my kit inspired by the prompt "red". It is available on my blog HERE

@Dawn~ Great kit! Perfect for fall! I really love the wagon wheel & the little quail! Thanks for sharing!

Thank you, Jessica! I love vintage themes and I love that yours is in red tones, it's beautiful!

@Jessica, @Dawn, gorgeous kits!

Here's mine...

Includes a QP...

You'll find it on my blog.

here is my kit i made a lot of diff color kits will put in freebies when i can u can dl on my blog or my box addy

Can you tell that red is my favourite colour ????? lol ... red in September means apples to me; apples plus cozy soft plaid and felt along with snappy autumn weather. You can pick up the kit on my blog: Cotton Arts Boutique

Oh my gosh, so many cute mini kits! I snagged some! smiley)

@Pauline...oh my gosh your kit is gorgeous!! Awesome patterns on your papers and beautiful flowers (as you can probably gather from my kits I use lots of flowers)

@ your kit, too!! The apple theme is perfect for fall! Beautiful papers and the flowers are so pretty!

@Joyce...Beautiful red in your kit, too!! Thanks for sharing!

I love all these kits. Great work ladies!

Here is mine:

you can download it in my BLOG

Finally, I have time to post ... Karry ... your peanut butter and jelly are cool and your little fellow is absolutely too too cute

Jessica ... love your papers and the vintage pieces ... the antique red is fabulous

Dawn ... love the vintage feel of your papers as well ... a pretty kit

Pauline ... perfect autumn colours and just right for October coming up

So many beautiful kits, so much talent here, thank you so much ladies, you are awesome!

I love school kits! Thank you so much!

you an grab it here

hi you are very welcome glad u like it.

Very nice kits ladies;)


You can download for free HERE

Such great kits in the gallery I had to play;)

Love, Love Love these all! Great job ladies! smiley

Finally, here is mine. You can download on my blog.

Cute Kit. Thanks