Mini Kit Challenge - Valentine's Day

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Mini Kit Challenge - Valentine's Day

Hello designers! I've got a minikit challenge for you this month. I'd like you to make a Valentine's Day minikit, but I want to see you use a non-traditional color palette. I've selected three that will make beautiful non-traditional kits; choose one of them for your mini-kit.

Your minikit should include around 5 papers and 15-20 elements. Remember to have a mix of pattern sizes in your papers and an assortment of elements so that your minikit can make a cohesive layout!

I'd like to see your minikits by Friday, Feb. 15th.




I couldn't decide on the second or third palette so I used a few colors from both.

Beautiful, Shannon!


How mini can the mini kit be? 5 papers, 5 ellies? Would that be a mini, Holly? smiley

Thank you so much, Shannon. smiley

A normal mini will have more than that, Bina, but I know you tend toward a very minimalist style and don't really use a lot of elements. Go for it!

I find it challenging enough just to stay under the 20-element mark, but I tend toward using more clusters, which really benefit from a larger variety of items to choose.

Shannon, what a cute kit! I love the antique elements, well done! smiley smiley

I might get this wrapped up until Feb 15th smiley I can see what you mean with clustering, Holly, not sure if these are fit to cluster... smiley and there are not 16 ellies but ....

I added this kit as a freebie to my shoppe. I will add individual papers and elements to the commons. I hope you enjoy it.

I chose the first color palette but picked the teal from the third palette for the leaves.

Thank you for this challenge.

Lovely kits ladies!!!

I have one too:

Very cute, I especially like the heart and couple stamp!

Aww.....I love those winged hearts!

So "beary" sweet! Cute! I like that the elements have a craft paper feel to them.

I have to admit, I really struggled with this colour palette but I wanted to step outside my comfort zone and challenge myself. So thanks for the oddball palettes Holly! smiley

Download available HERE

And Brenda, you rocked it! Awesome, thank you! I love those frames, and the lace!

Shannon, great job! I really like that third palette, so I'm glad you chose it.
Bina, I love it! It doesn't need to be a massive kit to be perfect, especially with your minimalist style.
Gina, gorgeous! I'm glad you had some time to create something; I know your schedule's been pretty crazy lately. smiley
Cintia, WOW! That's a great mix of elements and papers there!
Brenda...I don't have words to express just how gorgeous your kit is! I love the vintage-style frames and the tassels, and that's some great lace you've included! And your papers are right on point for the elements, too. Great job!

And Lisel, THANK YOU for being such a fantastic cheerleader for everyone here! I haven't been on much since I posted this challenge, but you've been great about encouraging each designer who's posted. smiley smiley

I haven't been on because I couldn't type much this last week; the night I posted the challenge, I screwed up in the kitchen and had a little accident with a mandoline, cutting my fingertip pretty badly. Not quite badly enough to need to go to the ER, but it's going to take a few weeks to heal up. Retraining myself to write, draw, and type with my right index finger extended has been...interesting. It's at a point now where I don't need bandages on it and am simply running around with a short finger splint on it to keep from bumping it into everything. I suspect I'll remember that safety lesson for a long time!

I chose the third palette, but I ended up going a little overboard on both papers and elements compared to what I asked for in the challenge. But most of you ended up going a little bigger too; this isn't a bad thing, as it makes for being able to make more pages with your kits!

Here's my preview plus the preview for the quickpages I created while testing the kit. All three zip files (ellies, papers, and QPs) can be downloaded from my blog. Images are linked to the post.

Yikes, Holly! I have great empathy about injuring yourself with a sharp cutting tool, as I am prone to do so myself.
My husband usually keeps the knives and even the blender far from me. I've had too many accidents, lol!
Glad you are on the mend.
And it is my pleasure to encourage everyone!
I love everyone's take on things, how everyone comes up with such unique things, and yet it's all cohesive.

This is so beautiful, Holly! I love it all! Thank you!

smiley I love all of the contributions! Thanks so much, every one. Sorry, but I hope to share mine once I have a better connection, all my ul efforts failed so far smiley

@Holly: Get well soon smiley , many thanks for hosting and for your beautiful kit!

Thank you all girls for your imputs! All hte kits are so, so beautiful!!!!
I hope you feel better soon Holly!
Bina, I can't wait for your internet to get fixed! smiley

Thank you , Cintia. smiley If only it was 'mine', I'd be at it like no one else ever. In fact, it has become so bad lately, that I am thinking of closing my blog because I am not able to ul anything! I have stuff sitting here ready to roll and I cannot get it to ul. It is pretty frustrating. smiley

Bina, I am sorry to know that! Where I live we experience some bad internet days too. (Like, real bad!) But it is always fixed in a couple of days... Don't give up, I know it will be working soon enough. Good luck!

smiley So sweet, kit is up. Sorry to be so late. Here is a link


SOOOOOOOOOO gorgeous!!!...& so generous of you! Thank you.

Thank you everyone for the beautiful kits!

Fun! I'm going to go work on it now!

Here is my take!

smiley Love it, Rachel, many thanks.