November 2022 DC: Free Color

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November 2022 DC: Free Color

Pls see this thread for sizing.

Welcome to the November 2022 Free Color DC! Of course you can make your own swatch, please use at least one of the suggested colors in your creation.

There is a collecion of palettes here and please look at this One of Marisa's goodies.
See this here one by Marisa on making swatches from photos, awesome thread that is.
See this great post by Robyn Denton on colors.
Check this on pinterest by Kaleena Farmer.
Robyn Denton has so many great tips and here is yet another one that I love, for everyone who does not have the right app to check gamut with.
Click pv to dl.

Such an adorable kit, Bina! Love it!

I kept most of your palette because it's so pretty. smiley I changed the beige to a chocolatey brown, though.

Thank you, @Christina Carrano. smiley Welcome and great to see you here.

Your image does not display for me, I tried to grab the url to look at it directly but I do not seem to have permission to see it. Brown sounds great tho, Christina. Ties it all together.

Hmm, I don't know why it isn't showing up for you. It works for me. I wonder if ImgBB was having technical issues at the time? Regardless, I'm looking forward to this creating with this palette!

.... There could be all kinds of reasons. I get a 404 on it, cannot see it. I wonder if you can see the image here in the thread when you are logged out of your image host account? smiley I linked the kit

It doesn't show for me either???

I logged out of my ImgBB account, refreshed this page and could still see it, so I don't know what's going on. I reuploaded it.

It is still a no-show. smiley

I honestly don't know why you guys can't see it--totally weird. Since I always use Google Chrome as my main browser, I just tried 2 others (Edge and Firefox) without logging on here and the original from ImgBB shows up.

This is from ImageShack:

Oooooooh, I am special. I can see all your palette images, Christina and it is really pretty. Love the chocolate brown you added.

Love the original palette, too, Bina. I will have to play with this when we wrap up our Make-A-Kit Extravanganza. Looking forward to doing someone else's challenges, Bina. I am tired of being in charge. LOL And you always find such fun things for us to do!

Oh, man . . . totally forgot to thank you for the adorable kit, Bina. Just took a peek and it is amazing. You are so generous. I am in love with the colors and all the ellies are so sweet and the papers are so dang cute. Cannot wait to play with this and THANK YOU again! smiley

I can see this one smiley

Thank you for fixing, Christina! That is one AWSOME swatch, love it.

You are more than welcome, Annette Marie smiley I am so happy you like it. smiley

No problem. I guess I need to find a new image hosting site.

ImageShack's never worked for me and like a charm here, figure.... smiley

I'm going to use Imgur for hosting from now on. Hopefully that works for everyone.

This is available in my freebie thread. Thank you so much for the challenge (and the palette!), Bina!

I like the dragon fly, butterfly and the glitter edged leaf. Thanks for finding a preview that shows smiley Thanks for sharing your kit!!

smiley Oh, this is so pretty, like a flower bed grown overnight. So many great touches and elements, love the way the font you picked for the wordstrips casts a great, fun retro vibe , the velvet dragon fly (velvet is hard to make like felt) , the gradient glitter edged flowers, awesome threaded button (!!!) and the rad paper mix including the textured solids - which I always feel is a special courtesy of the designer when opening a kit. Great way to display the safety pin's underneath shadow also. Thanks so much for playing along and sharing your beautiful creation, Christina!

I have been using Imgur since 2018 or so and it is the ONLY image host that's never, ever had any hickups for me but just works and improves all the time. A stellar service. They also have an editing function which comes in handy when I made a typo in my preview, lol.

Tricia: Thank you and you're welcome! I was experimented with putting glitter around the edges. I've seen it done by other designers--I'm sure there's an action out there for it somewhere--but I wanted to try on my own to see what I could come up with.

Bina: Honestly, this was such a lovely palette to work with. I was excited and happy the whole time I was creating goodies for the kit. The dragonfly is actually a piece of jewelry, though I can see on the preview that it does look velvety.

I used to always use ImageShack and Photobucket back in the day, but switched to ImgBB when the others went to subscriptions. Imgur has been around for years and I know it's reliable. It's just weird to me that images and people's accounts are searchable, and the images show up on the homepage.

@Christina Carrano: THANK YOU!!!!

You can select 'hidden' or 'public' for each imgur upload. Depending on your view the toggle resides in the upper left of the interface. smiley

You're welcome! And thank you for the tip about Imgur!