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Thankfully, my husband is very clever and works in IT, so after much grumbling about me blaming it on the poor innocent cat, he was able to "magically" fix my hard drive. I don't know what I would do without him as I am pretty clueless when it comes to the technical side of computering. What's my dear husband say? Oh, yeah. "You know just enough to be DANGEROUS!" Accurate!

Your wee little "lap fox" is adorable. That face! I have never heard of a Plummer terrier. Gotta go look at pictures now.

I learned to type on a manual typewriter as well. I felt so privileged when my family gave me a grad gift of an electric typewriter to take to college. It remembered one WHOLE line before typing it, so you could look for errors smiley smiley smiley

If toxins leaked into you from your print shop time, I think they were good ones like the spider venom that created Spiderman. I dub you, Super Bina, the graphically gifted goddess of design! smiley

Your schooling sounds so wonderful. I went to school in a very small town with the bare-bones amenities that our tiny, rural community could provide, BUT I knew the name (and more) of every kid in my class. All 80 of us! I would have loved to go to a school that had an expanded art program, but I made do with one super lovely art teacher/french teacher/track coach we had and one BYOS* art class a year. We just have to deal with the hand we are dealt and make the best of it, don't we?

*Bring Your Own Supplies

I think I had that same typewriter. A Selectric? Is that what it was called? I could look 'cause I still own it. It had a little digital window that displayed what you typed and after you were done with a line and made the corrections as you spotted them on the display, it would print it rapid-fire. The ribbon had a coating that made really crisp letters, not like a smudgy inked ribbon. And little daisy wheels with different fonts you could change out. Mem-oooooooo-reeeeeeees . . .

Yes, it sounds the same smiley Mine is long gone...and I don't know where.

The gods and goddesses in the parthenon, I'm all g with an earthly printer princess smiley
@Annette Marie. I gave y'alls typewriter a google and found this- Six fifty not bad.

@Bina...the yellow! smiley smiley Can I say that I am not at all tempted??? That is like what I learned on (but not electric). This is more like what I was so happy to take to college:


smiley That looks really nice. I imagine the electric ones, like the yellow one, to be rather noisy. smiley

I turned off the TV and got to work for one hour. I haven't QC'd them yet, but here is the preview. Once I QC, I'll be posting this in my freebie thread. Thanks for the speed challenge, Bina! Tons of fun putting myself on a time limit!

@Christina Carrano Thanks so much for this beauty, Christina! The papers look rad carrying the swatch so concisely. And fab ellies with a most spectacular ribbon. Many thanks for playing along and sharing. smiley

Thank you for the challenge, Bina! It was definitely tons of fun! smiley smiley

Hi everyone! I love everything you all made. You are fast! I love the colors you gave us here Bina but I was not able to work in that time limit. Still, I wanted to share the mini kit I made, so here it is: (click on image to go to my blog post)

Cintia, neither of the download links on your blog appear to be working.

Super cute, Cintia! I'll snag it as soon as the download links are fixed. smiley

Sorry girls, it's all fixed now!

Thank you so much, Cintia!

smiley So beautiful , Cintia!!! Love it, Thank you so much for joining in.