Palette Edges

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Palette Edges

Hello and welcome to the Edges Challenge.
Join me and make some edge overlays, or papers with edges as I did.

Have a look at the tools available for edge making for example here, here or here.

You can use any of these swatches. Many thanks to Kayl Turesson for providing the ACO files

A selection of great tools available here at


These are the edge papers I made for this challenge with the August Boho color swatch. Here is a coupon that takes off 100% until the end of August 2019.

So pretty Bina! I've never tried anything like this but played around in Illustrator & got this to go with the July Winter in the Tropics theme -

It's in the commons.

smiley Thanks for playing and for your great paper, Jill.

Thank you so much for this challenge. I had a little too much fun creating these!

smiley Thanks for playing, Gina. I am so glad you had fun and it shows. Love your paper pack. smiley

Jill smiley

Spine by Marisa Lerin, Flower by Sunny Faith Rush, Flair Style by Elif Sahin, Font La Punk

Oh how great Gina! I like how you did the flairs at the bottom and top of the photo too!

smiley The paper is so rich, like there is a whole kit in it smiley .
My PSE 12 and PS CC 2019 wouldn't open the paper tho, I ran it thru a resizer at 100% and then PSE 12 and PS CC 2019 opened it. Does the jpg open for you after dl as is?

Bina, my papers wouldn't open?

Oh no, Gina. Sorry for the confusion. After I dl'ed Jil's single paper I wasn't able to open it before I ran it thru the risizer. I am now interested in finding out whether or not there is something wrong on my end.

I could not open it either. I opened it in "preview" then saved it as a png. Afterwards, ps cc 2019 could open it. Like you, I thought it was on my end.

Oh no! So my paper is the wrong size? When I download it from the commons it comes out as 3600 x 3600 and 300 dpi. What do I need to change? I did this one differently because it's the first one I've made in Illustrator so maybe I did something wrong exporting it.

Edited: I DEFINITELY see what the problem is with the downloaded version - for some reason it has BOTH a jpg & png extension. But it's weird - it doesn't have that on my original file. Anyway, fixing now so I will have hopefully be available in a moment.

ETA: Ok I uploaded a new version & this time when I download it, it does not have the double extension. So hopefully all fixed!

smiley The size is fine, Jill. I guess it has to do with ai , I get the same message sometimes when I use filterforge or ai. It said something about a wrong jpg handle. I usually run the files thru a resizer at 100% and the issue is gone. What did you do to make 'it' go away? smiley

Gina smiley

Bina I just opened it in Photoshop and saved it again under a totally different name then replaced it in the Commons. I hope that fixed it - when I re-downloaded it I didn't see the double extension anymore.

Beautiful layout!

Thank you for the amazing page Bina. I especially love the "deck hand" pic. She looks like she is loving life!!


I enjoyed the edges so much that I created a few elements to coordinate with my papers.

smiley smiley That is so awsome, Gina. I am so happy you had fun and again it shows!! Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful creations in the commons with us. Love your ellies!