Pass The Kit July 2014: Share the Results

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Pass The Kit July 2014: Share the Results

Our deadline is upon us, so as the groups finish up, feel free to share your finished product here and share about your experience. I'm sure we'll be doing this again, so let me know if there's anything that would help for next time.

hi i am in group 1 and i loved working with group 1 ladies it helped a lot to have dropbox to check on what was done etc thank u to the group 1 ladies here is my preview of my part can dl on my blog now,

I was on team 1 and all the ladies on my team are great. I have to agree with Joyce about the dropbox. I think it would be a great thing for all teams (if someone on each team has a dropbox account). Anyway,I was last to add my portion to our main preview, so I'll share that, too.

Team 1 preview

Preview of my portion

And you can download it from my blog.

Did we all have the same color palette?

Another for group 1 ... we seem to be early birds smiley

Here is my part

Get my part here: Cotton Arts Boutique

Looking good! I know our group is still going. I'm not sure we'll stop... smiley

Love is in the Air | Bundle by Karry Dempsey, Patricia Hardin & Amara Van Lente


  • (1) Alpha
  • (32) Elements
  • (5) Borders & Trim
  • (4) Clusters
  • (6) Frames
  • (16) Glitter Papers
  • (8) Journal Cards
  • (22) Papers
  • (6) Glitters & Swirls

Download Links:


Thanks for doing all that Amara! I had a blast with this challenge.

I was also on team #1 ( full preview above by Susan Cantin post#6.

Here's my portion, which can be downloaded from my blog HERE.

I enoyed the designing part of this challenge as it's the deigning and sharing I like best about this hobby but I don't think I'll participate in future "pass the kit" challenges for a couple of reasons but mostly because I'm a bit of a control freak and I like to follow plans. This was too open-ended ('anything goes') for me which made me uncomfortable.

The team members were all very nice and I really like our team's collection but I think we each were at different levels of experience which may also have contributed to my feeling of discomfort. I'm not trying to be a snob, so my apologies if I've come off sounding that way.

The Dropbox sharing is very handy for sharing files, go check out and I'd be happy to send an invite to anyone who is interested, just let me know.

Thanks Amara! Our kit looks fabulous!! Great job with the previews. smiley smiley

Lovely kits, Thank you!

My individual part is available for download here
The entire bundle is available on my shop here
My blog post is available here
Look at above post for links to our group's bundle smiley

Oh are we supposed to put up individual pieces for download? I thought the whole kit was sticking together?

I was under the impression that it was going as one kit, too...

I think it is one kit, but not sure if each person is hosting their own part? I did a separate preview of each of our kits in case we wanted to post and host on our individual blogs. I am still uploading to the cloud to send your way Karry and Patricia. But I would be fine hosting the whole thing too, just not sure since everyone was posting separate previews also. I am not sure if I am making any sense lol smiley

Karry Dempsey wrote:
Oh are we supposed to put up individual pieces for download? I thought the whole kit was sticking together?

Tina Shaw wrote:
I was under the impression that it was going as one kit, too...

Prior to the start of this particular topic/thread, I had asked Marisa what to do about previews, see my question here

and see Marisa's response here.

My team (team #1) decided to do individual blog posts.

Beautiful kits ladies! I love your previews Amara smiley

Looks so lovely! I'm really sad for this to end...

@Patricia: You are so welcome smiley I love building the previews so it was no trouble at all smiley

@Karry: I had a blast too! Thanks for being so fun and easy to work with (and Patricia too smiley

@Bre: Thanks smiley

@Marisa: This was a great idea Marisa. I hope we get to do this again smiley Lots of fun smiley

Here's my preview....there's no WAY all of the stuff was fitting in it, though! LOL! I love all the results of this!!! Everyone's contributions are awesome!

Here is team #2's previews
Dropbox link-full kit
Here are links broken down to smaller parts:
Dropbox - Elements 1
Dropbox - Elements 2
Dropbox - Papers

So Pretty, Team 2!

Here is my portion of our collaboration:

DropBox Download

Anxiously awaiting Team #4 smiley

Wow Bre .... that file is huge .... 378 MB

LOL Susan! Team 2, we kind of went crazy! Basically, I think you're getting 4 full kits with us! smiley But it was a blast!

Wow!! Great kits/bundles!! Thanks smiley