[NEW] DigitalScrapbook.com CU Blog Train - June 2016

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[NEW] DigitalScrapbook.com CU Blog Train - June 2016

Let's get this train moving everyone.

For each train, you will make between 1 to 3 CU element/paper templates (no more) which you will giveaway on your blog or here if you do not have a blog on June 15th. Your freebie needs to be available for minimum 2 weeks.

The Theme is Bath Time

For this blog train, you can choose if you are going to make papers, layered elements, doodles, extractions, a mix of any of the above. These have to be Commercial Use allowed.

For each train, we will use this palette so everything looks consistent.


You can download the .aco file here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9-P5o79Lu1JS2pVNk1Ma2hmT0U/view?usp=sharing and the image file here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9-P5o79Lu1JSzB0Q3dnVFpkczQ/view?usp=sharing

I can't wait to see what you all are going to make.

If you have any questions let me know, and post your previews along the way so we can all see what you are making smiley

On the June 13th, I will post a new thread for the final list with previews and links

You can find the DigitalScrapbook.com Preview if you need it here: https://www.digitalscrapbook.com/marisa-lerin/designs/pixel-scrapper-preview-package-template-paper just download it add your logo and name and you are set.

i'm in!

Wait... Is this for July? or June? I'm in for July.

june 13th

Oh, okay, I see that now. I think I can create 1-3 paper templates before the 15th.

Hopefully this follows all that it should smiley

@Kayl - I LOVE it!

I had already made the towel & the plain version of this tub for a baby book Im making. When I saw the theme I thought how perfect! So I cleaned it up and made it ready for commercial use.

Wow! Ladies you are so quick!

OK, I wish I could be a fly on your wall to see how you made the bottle and all! Great start! So pretty, Jessica!

right...those are awesome!! still deciding on what i'm going to do..

i think need to check out a few beginner illustrator tuts....i can kinda sorta draw...i thought having a touch screen laptop i would be able to draw on photoshop but i can't....i'm considering getting a wacom....i used to do "draw something" game/app on my phone all the time but the images are too small and i can't afford a tablet that isn't too slow and can't keep p with my strokes.....sigh....debating on putting a "fundraiser" on my blog to help me get the wacom i really really want...lol

You can draw shapes in Photoshop with a mouse, Amy... just use the pen tool. It works pretty close to the same as the pen tool in Illustrator, so it's worth learning. And any mouse will do, even a $10 Walmart special--most laptops have a USB port to power one.

I did a tutorial on my blog that teaches extracting elements using shape layers drawn with the pen tool. The pen techniques aren't really any different in making a layered element template, you just won't need a photo to draw around. (Of course, you CAN use a photo to make it easier if you want--but you'll want to draw shapes ABOVE it rather than in a sandwich.) You should be able to use that as a quickstart guide to the pen, though.

Fantastic products Kayl and Jessica, love what you made.

Don't know if it's ok for this blog train, I made 3 paper patterns.


Great patterns Liza, I see the bath tile patterns in it. I like it.


holly....i looked at a few videos from youtube and learned that illustrator has something i used to use a lot back in the day...tube brushes....that is freaking awesome and they work so much better than the days of paint shop pro....i have a wireless mouse but i just don't do well drawing with it. i do better with my finger or a pen mouse...lol....otherwise it looks like a 5 yr old drew it...they say practice makes perfect but i simply do not have that kind of patience. I can draw on my phone with picsart and get large files but the screen is small and my fingers fat...lol. i'll figure it out lol.

Fair enough, Amy. The beauty of drawing with the pen tool, for me, is that you can move the points around before you close the loop, or subtract a new loop from the old one to fix an edge. Even though I use a graphics tablet (pen mouse) for lots of my drawings, I find it's easier for me to do points/lines for vector shapes with a regular mouse.

If I give my files as PSDs, am I supposed to rasterize my layer styles? Or is that just up to the designers preference?

Kayl, I'm not sure--so I'm checking a couple of CU freebies I've downloaded from others now! A lot of what I see in the vector-style elements like you've made are simply layers of rasterized shapes without any layer styles applied to them. That way if someone wants to just add a stroke and have it look like a doodle, they can do that, or they can add a bevel and textures for a more 3D look. Most of them are available in layered PSD and in individual PNG layers.

Okay, thanks smiley I will follow suit!

To clarify...does each item have to be ONLY a template or can we submit papers/elements that are CU, too?

Tina, this time, we are going with templates.

Rubber Ducks! smiley

I THINK I'm making fuzzy slippers... smiley

I LOVE those Tina! Super cute!!!!

Uploading it to my BLOG now!

These are all so awesome! I love all of the elements!

I made 3 paper templates. One is a droplet overlay. One is a swirl paper in layers and the last one is a sort of fuzzy plaid paper which is also in layers. You can make it stripes instead by turning off some of the layers.

Ladies all these look awesome.

The blog train will be live on the June 15th, so if you can hold on till then that would be great.