Scraptorial - Make-A-Kit Extravaganza (Day 2 - Textured Paper Stack)

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Scraptorial - Make-A-Kit Extravaganza (Day 2 - Textured Paper Stack)

If you haven't read Day One's post about this challenge (it contains all the details for how to participate) please do so, it can be found here. Please feel free to jump in at any time. This challenge doesn't have a formal ending date and we welcome everyone who cares to join us!

You can cheerfully disagree with me, but I think the best basic papers have some sort of added subtle texture, so let's make a set of basic textured papers to get your kit off to a good start. The Scraptorial I have created for today describes a method for stacking up layers in the different colors of your kit and then adding the same texture to each layer to quickly make a set of papers in all the colors of your palette. If you have a different preferred method for creating textured papers, please feel free to use that instead, but I thought it might be helpful to include this method for anyone new to creating papers or anyone looking for techniques to possibly speed up the kit-making process. If you have any questions, as always, please feel free to ask them in the comments. I will get back to you! smiley

  • Page One

  • Page Two

  • Page Three

  • Zip The zip contains the pages for the Scraptorial, a JPG and PNG version of the Speckled Overlay I used in the Scraptorial with a TOU allowing for CU and CU4CU, and the finished Speckled Mistletoe Paper shown in the Scraptorial as an example.

    Where to Find CU Textures

  • Right here on

  • In the zip shared above. I've included a Speckled Overlay I created and it is okay for CU.

  • At Raw Just remember to attribute them when you share your finished papers.

  • Or you can create your own. There are tons of FREE texture brushes that would be perfect for stamping in black/gray to create a neat grayscale texture overlay. I suggest checking out or Obsidian Dawn's brushes are all okay for commercial use with credit. On Brusheezy, you will need to check the license on each set of brushes. Some are okay for CU and some aren't, but there are just a ton of brush sets to pick from there so the likelihood that you might something CU-OK that you like, is high.

    Day Two Challenge: Use the "Time-Saving Basic Textured Paper Stack" method described in today's Scraptorial (or your own method for making textured papers, if you prefer) to make a few textured papers in your chosen palette's colors. Or make one for each color in your palette if you are feeling ambitious. Please consider sharing at least one version of your textured papers with us, or all of them. Since your papers are square, you can share them at a reduced size easily by clicking on the "insert image" icon (the first one in the line of icons under the word "body" when you post) and then type in any matching pixel amount for both the width and height. (250 x 250, 300 x 300, up to 700 x 700--that is the widest image you can share in the forums without it getting cut off.) And you can share all of them in one post. No limit that I know of for sharing pictures in forum posts. Or you can get a head start and pack them up and share the preview. Whatever works for you, works for me! smiley

Thanks Annette. You picked same way I almost always start a kit...with solid color textured paper. I also embossed for the theme:

Uploaded, but not published...Wondering if Annette has a plan for a publication date, or just as we go...
Embossed Papers

For texture Marisa's 194791
Emboss shape from Nativity Christmas on Design Bundles by Mint & Bear Creations

Oh, wow . . . I love that look. The subtle fir bough texture with the nativity embossing is very fancy-looking and perfect for Christmas scrapping. I really like the little dots all over the place, too. That adds a bit of whimsy. Your set of textured papers turned out so cool!

I don't think I ever start a kit the same way twice. I am all over the place and have no discipline, but I thought for this group effort it made sense so just this once I started with basic textured papers and made a bunch that match. I almost never do that either. And I am not trying to brag, but I used my Scraptorial stacking method (another thing I had never done but made sense when I thought about it) and I have never completed ten papers so fast in all my scrap-designing life! Why, oh why, have I never thought to do that before today? See, this Scraptorial business is really good for me. I am working some stuff out that will be highly beneficial to me and my design hobby.

Thanks so much for making textured papers, Tricia, and thanks for sharing them with us. They are quite beautiful!

Here is my set of completed textured papers. One of each color in my kit's palette, and I used the stack-em-up method described in the Scraptorial (nothing I had ever done before) and they came together so fast. IT WORKS! smiley It sounded like it would in my head when I was typing away, and making the Scraptorial, but it was a new idea for me. So pleased! (Why, yes, I am flying by the set of my pants and making this all up as I go along. You thought I had a PLAN? LOL)

Can't wait to see your textured papers! smiley

Tricia, your papers are stunning.

Annette. I have a question for you. My subscription is for PU only. Does this mean that I cannot use the stuff from this site for the kit that I make? I don't want to use an overlay, and then get into trouble.

Gail, you could use PU items from the site to make a kit with us, and you could post what you made here in the forum to show us your efforts, but you couldn't share the kit or items you made with others, or upload it to the Commons. Personal Use is just for you to use and no one else.

You could snag some texture brushes from the places I mentioned, and make your own textured overlay. Or look at to see if any of those appeal to you. You can download 5 items a day there, for free and they are CU. You just have to credit them when you share your item. has a big freebie section where everything is CU, as well. You have options, but one of them is not using your PU things from here IF you want to share the kit or items with others. That is probably not what you wanted to hear. smiley

Gail, I think there's a way to still get to CU stuff even if you have a pu subscription. I think download credits are purchasable.
But, textures are easy to make. Take a picture of your wall, floor, sidewalk, street, construction paper, brown grocery bag... make it black and white and you have a texture. You can also use brushes like Annette said.

Free CU stuff:

Also, your software may have built in textures. PSE has stone, canvas...

Oh, thank you for all those great ideas, Tricia. And for the links. I must check those out. I might neeeeeeeeeeeed something for my stash. smiley

Hi Annette and Tricia.
Thanks for your response. This is not what I wanted to hear, but it was what I expected. This will not stop me. I will carry on with the tuts and on the side create my own textures or get hold of CU freebies. Thats for this. It has given me another challenge.

Great method! Thanks so much

Oh, good. I was so hoping it wouldn't discourage you! What a great attitude you have, Gail. Yes, just another challenge and every challenge we accomplish makes us stronger and more knowledgeable. YOU, GO, girl! smiley I know you can do this and keep asking questions if we can help in any way.

I knew those colors would be fantastic together. The texture you've used is very appealing. What a lovely set of papers you have created. They will make a solid starting point for your kit, Sarah. And I am THRILLED you tried out the stack method from the Scraptorial and found it "great." That makes me all kinds of happy. Bless you for telling me--WOO HOO!

Actually, Gail, if you are a PU subscriber, you should have 5 CU download credits each day that you can use by clicking on the "graphics" tab.
The 5 CU downloads are only good each day, they don't stack.
So, use them each day to get the full amount.
That's what I do, I am also a PU subscriber, but I get those CU downloads each day and only use those if I'm using things from here in my kits, etc.

Thanks Lisel will start doing that.

I have just read Lisel's post now. Here is the preview of my paper I made. Will download the CU items and redo them a bit later.
I don't want to fall to far behind. Also spent last night learning how to create your own textures which I will also try. I used ps_brooke-gazarek_9780_paint-001-overlay_pu
I have just got Brooke Gazarek paint overlay 001 as a CU.

Question: Must I do these papers again?

I realise that I'm running behind with checking out the Scraptorial Challenges, but I wanted to let you know that I have made quite a few CU textures, and would like to share them with anyone who would like to download them. There are 26 kits with 10 textures in each kit, and they are all in one large download HERE. (When I say 'large', I mean 1.41 GB. (If that's too big, I can probably figure out how to give you access to the folder on Google Drive.)

I'm not offering them in the Commons because I want to keep them CU, and if you want to share them with others, please give them the link for them to download the textures themselves; please don't let them copy your files.

A lot of the textures are desaturated photos from Pixabay. I have also desaturated all the Graphic Backgrounds in PSE 15, and often use them as textures as well.

I've also made a variety of paper and element templates, but I can't share them with you until I've packaged them all into kits.


Annette, I have always used your stacking method for making my papers. When I'm making a kit (or bundle - I tend to get carried away!), I always do the papers first, then use the papers when I'm making the elements, so that everything ties in together.


Thank you very much for these textures. I really appreciate.

Gail you don't need to re-do the papers. Having the CU item that you used to make them in your possession is enough. I have to go work on today's challenge so I will be back to comment more, but for now: AWESOME PAPERS!

Desert Christmas:

Annette, I just thought I would let you know that the link for the zip file goes to page 3 of the scraptorial.

You're welcome, Gail!

Oh, thanks for letting me know, Robyn. I have fixed it now. smiley

That's great, Annette!

I just posted in Day 1, but not sure if you will see it, but I have stolen your palette and theme, and have decided to make time to participate. I've just finished 4 solid kits for Day 02; previews below:

PK01 Solid Papers

PK02 Shimmer Solid Papers

PK03 Textured Solid Papers 01 Leather

PK04 Textured Solid Papers 02 Floral Grunge

Thank you so much, Robyn! smiley smiley smiley

Wow! Robyn you did an amazing job. I really love your floral grunge. So glad you have decided to join in.

Everyone has made such great sets smiley smiley What a wonderful collab this is going to be!

Robyn, those are gorgeous textures, for sure. smiley

Those night speckled papers are so awesome!

@Annette...I just love your textured papers smiley smiley ...they look amazing!! Are you going to post them in the Commons? smiley
@Robyn ...Thank you for your generosity in giving us the huge file of cu textures smiley smiley smiley's downloading right now! smiley ...and these new sets you've posted there a link to them?

Here is my first textured paper. I wanted just a subtle pattern. I used a photo I took of a frosty window, made it into a texture, then played with it until I got what I wanted.