Scraptorial - Make-A-Kit Extravaganza (Day 2 - Textured Paper Stack)

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Such a fun texture Candee; what a great idea! Looks wonderful.

Hi Annette & all!
I am v-e-r-y late...sorry for that! Here is the set I made.
Texture from Raw Pixel - #image-from-rawpixel-id-6169736-original, Damask overlays cu from Etsy.

Chitra, I want to keep this bundle CU, so I'm not going to post the kits in the Commons here; instead, I will be offering them on my blog Dancing Tiger Designs at the end of the month (or however long this ends up taking!) Everything on my blog is 100% free forever (although there are some earlier links that I need to fix.)

These are soooooooooooooooo pretty, Chitra!

Yes, Robyn, that's a great idea! When you make them available, I'll be there first to grab them!! Have already downloaded your 24-pack...but yet to open to ogle & gobble!!

Thanks for the compliment...your's are amazing smiley smiley ! Waiting...waiting...! smiley

Hello, what beautiful texture kits you have already created! Congratulations to all of you.

Here is for me, I hope I am in the right way.

Fibul, these are really fabulous textures! smiley smiley !! Love them! Thanks for joining!

Oh thank You Chitra smiley

You've done a wonderful job Fibul and the kits look just right. Thanks for your contribution to the Ho-Ho-Holy Night and your beautiful Lac Saint Point papers. I like that you did two versions of each color. That adds so much flexibility in creating layouts!

So many good papers here! Annette, your paper stacking technique is brilliant, and I'm never going to not do this for solid papers again. So much faster than my usual method of recoloring the layer one at a time.

Robyn, I've honestly admired your paper sets for a long time. You get so many great textures.

Candee, I swear I didn't see your post before I made my first stack! I also used a frost texture, from a photo I took of the side of my car back in February that I just knew would come in handy for scrapbooking sometime.

I also made a second stack, using this texture by Elif Sahin. I'm hoping that I modified it enough to fit the CU guidelines -- I did double stack the template and play around with the mode and opacity. (If any of you more experienced designers want to chime in here, I'd love some feedback on that!) It's really amazing how much the change of texture changes the colors.

Side note, do I need to come up with a cool designer name, since the rest of you seem to have them? smiley

I love how you used a real frosty window Candee! No frost here but I will be keeping that trick in mind for when it’s cold again!

I love your frosty car window papers too Becky. You don’t have to have a “designer” name, you can just use your own name if preferred.

I love how glittery your Lac Saint Point papers look, Fibul.

This is what I came up with for this.
I did learn something in my software, which was awesome!

Lisel, I like this texture you've looks grungy & some worn-out rug...nice!! smiley smiley

Yay! Thanks, Chitra!

Oh, Robyn--what an amazing GIFT this huge bundle of textures is! I have snagged it with a grateful heart and THANK YOU so much for sharing it with us. I always love your textured papers so I know I will love this set of CU textures. I haven't had a chance to look 'cause I think it is still downloading . . . SO. MANY. TEXTURES! Can not wait to dive in and play around with them. Thanks again! You are an amazing, generous soul and how I appreciate you! smiley

I am way late to the stacking method, Robyn. Leave it to me to be doing stuff the slow way . . . I was amazed at how fast it was to make a bunch of matching textured papers once I thought about it, and leveraged the power of PS and layers. I wish I could say I was surprised I hadn't figured it out earlier, but I am a professional dawdler when I am making kits. The ONLY reason I finally worked it out in my head was so I could write it up for a Scraptorial. I know . . . I am a silly, silly slow-poke designer! smiley

This palette of colors is so soothing to look at all laid out side-by-side. Your Desert Christmas kit is gonna be amazing, Tricia. Love the woven texture and scuffing on this set of papers. I can "feel" that texture! Well done, my friend. And oh-so-PRETTY!

I did see your comment on Day 1 and I am thrilled you are making time to join us! (I am keeping up with reading comments, but am woefully behind on answering all of them.) But, YAY! Such good news and I hope that means things are settling down on the home front and the new situation you are dealing with. I am also so happy you want to get in on the HO HO HOly night colors! More YAY! We are gonna have a massive, beautiful collaboration when this kit-making month ends and that is such a delightful thing to be a part of!! I've only done a couple collabs, so this is extra fun for me. Just love seeing what other people do with the colors and theme.

Your textured solid kits are DIVINE! Like Tricia, I am lovin' the floral grunge, but they are all very cool and pretty and can't wait to get my greedy little paws on them. Love that you are joining us, Robyn and I love this set of papers. Elegant, rich, and very, very gorgeous! Awesome creations, Robyn! Thanks again for sharing your big ol' pack of textures. It is taunting me in my status bar, saying "Come play with me!" but I said I would get some commenting done first. Shhhhhhhhhhhhhh, beautiful textures. I will get to you, I promise! smiley

Thank you, Lisel. I am so tickled to hear you like them. smiley That texture is kinda bold, but I thought it worked out well with the rich, bold colors in the palette. I try to do subtle, and I just can't manage it very well at all. LOL

Oh, Chitra--so stoked you like my speckled papers. Yes! You are so kind and how I adore you for that. I will post these papers in the Commons when we get all done and I can wrangle them into a kit/bundle. Not looking forward to the packing and qc-ing, but it is a necessary "evil" and I can put it off for a while still. smiley If you want to make speckled papers of your own, Chitra. I shared the templates in the zip for this entry and it is CU. You are most welcome to play with it if you like. smiley

Candee--that is such a soft, pretty texture. You are so clever to use a photo you took and make it into a texture. I've never done such a thing, but now I really want to. Yours turned out so cool. That is a wonderful idea for your theme. Excellent idea and the execution is perfect. GOOD JOB, my friend. And thanks so much for showing it to us. I am inspired by your creativity and that is what this whole endeavor is all about, am I right or am I right??? smiley

GAH! Chitra, I love those colors together, and I love glitter and I simple adore damask! Did you make this set of papers JUST FOR ME?! smiley This set of papers is just perfect. I can not wait to get a hold of them and you are so very talented, my friend. Love the texture, with the damask. I would have never though to combine them, but they work so well together. So, so pretty. And I am so happy you decided to play with us, and decided to use some of the HO HO HOly night colors for your project. smiley We are going to have the biggest, most beautiful Christmas Kit collaboration and I cannot wait to see it all together IN MY STASH! Thanks for playing, thanks for sharing and most of all thanks so much for making this glittery, damask collection of papers just for me! (Don't tell me they aren't just for me, I want to believe they are! LOL)

Fibul! Hello, Hello! smiley I am so happy you are joining us. Forgive me for being a bit behind on commenting, but that doesn't mean I am not thrilled to the tips of my toes to see you here and see your gorgeous creations. Oh, you are doing it right, my friend. I love that speckled texture with all of these colors. Your Lac Saint Point colors are so soft and pretty together. I love the range you have included--so many options and that is always a lovely thing when you are scrapping. This kit will be so useful for all kinds of pages! And I am extra tickled you want to play with the HO HO HOly Night colors, too. That is exciting. We are gonna have the biggest, most beautiful Christmas Collab with so many talented designers (like YOU) making things for it. Again, I love the white speckled textured. On this set of colors, it makes me think of a pretty flurry of snow. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh . . . thanks so much for joining us and sharing your creations. I am applauding your efforts and your wonderful results and I can't wait to see what you share next. LOVELY papers, my new friend! smiley

First of all, thank you for saying the stacking method was new to you, too! Thank goodness I wasn't the only one that didn't get that memo! smiley I was so thrilled how quickly my textured papers went together once I got the stack set up! I will be doing that from now on, too. So happy it worked for you, Becky!

Your "speedy" textured paper collections turned out really pretty. That frost texture you made is so, so pretty. I haven't ever thought to make my own textures, but you and Candee both did and I am inspired to try it now. (Here in Nebraska we have a lot of frost especially that I could snap pictures of!) Love the sweater texture you found, too. That goes perfectly with your "Sweater Weather" kit name! Just my opinion, but I am pretty sure when it comes to using the textures here at DS, they are intended to just be dragged over onto a layer and since they have no color, adding color and adjusting the blend mode is enough to meet the criteria for using them correctly. (Packing the textures up as is and trying to pass them off as CU under your designer name, would be the no-no.) Someone can correct me if I am wrong about that, but that is what makes sense to me.

I like the colors on the sweater textured papers, still the same colors, but just a deeper shade. I will mention here, that if a texture and blending mode changes the color too much, you can get it back to the original color usually by doing some minor adjustments with the Image > Adjustments and then Brightness/Contrast adjustment or the Saturation adjustment dialogs. If you want to get a perfect match, make a new layer above everything, stamp the palette color on that layer with a brush, and then do your adjustments underneath. When the textured version you are making the adjustments on blends with the color swatch you stamped above it, you can stop adjusting and have a perfectly matchy paper. (Not saying you need to adjust those cozy sweater papers at all, just mentioning a technique in case it might come in handy at some point, if you don't already know about it, Becky.)

I am so happy to hear that you learned something new in your software when you were making this lovely collection of textured papers--YAY! I have been using PS for almost 20 years and I still learn something new almost every time I use it and especially since I am challenging myself to write up the Scraptorials and exploring techniques to share. (Like today when I was wanting to share how to make marble patterns, and I opened up the Liquify Filter for almost the first time ever!) Love learning new stuff and I am glad you do, too.

Your textured papers turned out so great, Lisel. Reminds me almost of burlap and I love that. Rustic and distressed and so, so pretty on the rich colors from the HO HO HOly Night palette and done so well I think if I could reach through the screen and touch them, they would feel rough. Just super neat. Thanks so much sharing them with us. This Christmas Kit Collaboration is gonna to be so huge and beautiful, especially with talented designers like YOU contributing to it! smiley

Oh thank you for your feedback, it makes me happy. I have to admit that I've been having a lot of fun for the past few days, I can't stop and discover so many things. Why was I afraid before?

Everyone is doing an amazing job on this challenge, I love all the kits offered so far and this collaboration promises to be great!

Thank you !

Hi Fibul, I feel the same as you. Learning so much and it is so much fun.

Becky, I love these sweater pattern papers! I believe you did enough to change them, they look great to me.
And Becky Wooler works very well for a "cool designer name", thank you! LOL

Lisel, I LOVE the texture you've used on these papers!