Scraptorial - The Monthly Show & Tell Challenge (Jan 2023)

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Hi Christina. Dynamic brushes are easy. Get your brush, open the folder next to the brush on the top and the play with the spacing, jitter, etc and then save your brush. This is for photoshop. Shout if you need help and then I will try and do screen shots for you.

Omg, so easy! So basically you just toy with the settings, then save it when you got it the way you want. Gotcha! Thanks!


What is a dynamic brush? Is it like those ones you can use that place the brush in a random pattern, or is it something else entirely?

Actually, scratch that question — Professor Google found a great article on Scrap Girls:

Robyn - Thank you for sharing your process! Love how your flower turned out and the multiple ways you used it to create completely different papers.
I am responding "YES please" to your offer:
I opened my template DTD_PaperTemplatePatternGuide_01_OneInchGrid_CU, which has a white background and guides in, you guessed it, one inch intervals. [I've also made templates with half-inch, quarter-inch and two-inch guides, so that I can easily make patterns with those spacings.] If anyone would like these template guides, just let me know, and I'll be more than happy to get them to you.
I'm new here so I may need your help in figuring out how to access them smiley

Hi Robyn. I would like those template guides. Thanks

DaniJo and Gail, I have now uploaded them to Google Drive, and here is the link:

Grids For New Patterned Paper Templates

This zip file contains template guides with the four spacings I mentioned earlier, in both PSD and TIFF formats, so that you can use whichever file format you prefer. If you don't see the ruled guides, just click on "View Guides" or equivalent in your software. [Created in Photoshop Elements.]

Of course, anyone is welcome to download these, if you think they would be of any use to you.

I may have gotten my vote in late and I am still getting used to how things work in the forums but I did vote just now.

Thanks Robyn

smiley So beautiful!!! Thanks smiley for the tut and the link. The styles are under 5 bucks today. They look really Sweet. I am tempted .

A m I too late?: I hope not!
Here is my flower:

I extracted the parts

and than recolored each one.

It will be available in a kit I am working for one of Bina's challenges. smiley

That's so pretty, Cintia! I love that deep color.

I did my Wintry Glitter flower the same way. Extracted the two center parts and recolored them, then added a touch of glitter.

Your creations are lovely Christina. (All entries are. smiley )
Your wintry flower is quite elegant.

Wow, Cintia! Your flower looks fabulous!

Thanks Robin! I love the paper grids you shared! Super helpful!

Such a clever idea. It is amazing how many different things can be made with the same items..