Sept 2023 Mini Kit Recipe Challenge

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Sept 2023 Mini Kit Recipe Challenge

I have a mini kit recipe challenge for you today! Follow the prompts below to create your own mini kit. Be sure to share your results!

1 solidish paper color
1 solidish paper neutral
1 heart pattern paper
1 plaid paper
1 patterned paper

2 labels
1 flower
1 tag
2 cork piece
1 paper flower
1 wire element
1 frame
1 word art
1 animal

Spoilers: click here to see the mini kit I used for this recipe.

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All images from other designers here at Digital Scrapbook

Hi Marisa, am I allowed to use the above ingredients from other designers kits to put a kit together, or do I have to make my own from scratch? Thank you
Kind regards

***Edited 09/04/23 --- I just realized that I linked wrong download in my blog smiley , I fixed the link if anyone would like to redownload**

I hope you like it! You can get it here

So glad to be able to create again. Here is my link

@Becky: That's an interesting idea and probably more something we'd do in the layout challenges forum. Here everyone is practicing making their own stuff.

Thanks Marisa for answering my question, good to know.

I edited my post above....I link the wrong kit in my blog

Oh, my bad! I'm new to posting and participating and used existing elements. Now that I know the intent, this sounds even more exciting. Should I take my submission down and try again with my own?

OK, I think I did it right this time. All elements have been created by me, either by direct digital hand-painting, such as the 'Python Plaid' paper at the back, and the red mandala flower to central left, or by extracting and photoshopping CU / PD / C00 images I have collected from hundreds of public domain sources, such as the 'TALE' word art, the cherub and scroll elements, and the stag sketch. I did omit the 'cork' elements as they wouldn't have fit the medieval theme, but I think I have everything else, and the papers coordinate beautifully.

I've worked with digital scrapbooking for years and created so many pages with my own elements...but this is my FIRST EVER KIT!
Thank you so much for the challenge and letting me play. jA

@Bard: looks great!

To be clear you can always use templates to crate your elements and papers, but you should be making something.

Hi Marisa,

I have another question, what is meant by solidish? According to the translation it just says solid. Does dad mean monochrome and what is meant by paper neutral?

I mean a solid paper, but it doesn't have to literally all be the same color. It could have a little variation, but is intended to be used as a "solid colored paper"

I like to make my solid papers with a little distressing or variation so it's not just a textured solid colored background. But that's my preference!

Ok thanks Marisa,

I understood neutrally to mean that a single-colored paper can have a structure or texture through an overlay, e.g. emboss.


This is now my 2nd DC freebie, this time in black and ivory.

Download here


Give me a few days and I'll upload the kit items to the Commons here..I took a few "creative liberties" smiley

I love creative liberties smiley

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