Special Event - Marisa's Scrapbook Baby Shower HAPPENING NOW!

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I can't say I've ever thought about there not being a saying for pregnancy before but you're right! Thanks so much!! smiley

Wonderful job Laurel & Bina!

And lol Bina - I agree they should have a happy pregnancy saying! Altho there is a "wishing you a happy and healthy 9 months" saying that I've run across often on pregnancy/baby forums. But its not one Ive heard IRL.

When/where are we to post links for Marisa? Thanks!

PS- thank you, Kayl and Jessica! I loved this palette!

I was planning on posting my stuff here, though with a simple gift graphic so she gets the fun of "opening" it.

Here is my contribution...all are made with commercial use items only, either from PS or from cu items from other designers. This is a preview, will post the link to the file as soon as it finishes uploading!
I have not stuck to any colour palette, so hope its OK!

Great job Chitra! So sweet! love your quickpages too! I think you did a wonderful job putting that all together!

I got the urge to make month/milestone cards but I know others already planned on that so instead I came up with this little photo card last minute smiley

Thank you, Jessica! So glad its OK! smiley smiley smiley I hope Marisa too will like it.

Holly, where are we supposed to post the link?

I love these, Kayl! They are so pretty and clean.
On the topic where to post: I was thinking of posting here to link to the blog.
I have made a blog post too and linked to this thread, I hope that was okay. It ain't live yet, so pls lemme know smiley

Lovely, Chitra! I love the onesie. smiley

smiley There should be one IRL smiley

Sweet Kayl and Joyce! And I can certainly see the photo card being useful Kayl. You all have done a fantastic job here! Really enjoyed seeing all these babyshower gifts smiley Sadly I wont get to peek back in Sunday until the eve as I have a very full day tomorrow.

So here is what I was able to do. I have over 60 elements and 16 papers not including the addon. I still plan on adding journal cards just need to finish those and that will probably be next week as I am swamped for the weekend. I do have a 4x6 tooth chart card made so far but that's it. Also hopefully next week I will be able to get the print and templates finished and put together for her. smiley

And since I wont be around much tomorrow I'm going to go ahead & post these links now. smiley

Download Baby Shower Elements

Download Baby Shower Papers

Download Baby Shower Girly Addon

Download Baby Shower Word Art


Download Here

Here is my link for my portion- Baby Shower

Click to head to my blog post:

I did a little drawing, and the clustered tags are editable, though there are untextured flat versions of the tags to print and use with a cutting machine, too. Sooo much cuteness that I left the papers to the other ladies!

[Edit: One of my gamer friends said she'd be so tempted to print out the animals and make a cardboard mobile with them! smiley]

Please click the image for your surprise.

Link to my kit has been posted! Check below preview. smiley BTW, thanks, Bina!

So very beautiful, Jessica! smiley

Ladies, again I am inspired & learn so much from you. Only one request @Jessica. What about a bald baby for all of us who didn't have any hair for the first year or so? *grins*

Congratulations, Marisa and Jordon! Wishing that this baby shower was in rl and all hugs were personally delivered!

Here are 5 alpha sets of baby blocks--basic letters and numbers. Hope they may be useful!

by Cully, on Flickr

Download available HERE.

Congratulations Kayl!

Congratulations Marisa & Jordan! Hope you enjoy my kit to create your memories! smiley

Ladies, great job! All are adorable! Thx! Congrats, Marissa!

Such adorable creations. My youngest grandson turns 4 months on Thursday and his brother was 2 1/2 last week so I see some fun scrapbooking in my future!

Congrats to Marisa and Jordan!

I am not a designer but I have some photos that I turned into graphics from several vintage postcards. They are of babies doing Christmas activities. I would like to contribute those if that fits with the theme and makes any sense. Let me know if they are useful and I will try to figure out how to upload them. Also, how do we upload a baby themed layout? Same way and then post in this thread?

Thanks, Angie

Angie, layouts (completed pages with photos and/or journaling) can be uploaded to the Gallery here. Graphics that don't fall into that definition (backgrounds or graphics from postcards, etc.) will need to be uploaded somewhere else; I personally recommend Google Drive, as it makes sharing pretty simple while still remaining secure.

Thanks so much for getting back with me! I can host the link to the graphics on my blog or through google drive.

The baby layouts that we upload for Marisa's personal use just go in the gallery? Do they need a special tag to know who and what they are for?

I'll try to work on it tomorrow. Thanks for your help.

Quickpages (pages with slots for photos) and stacked/predecorated papers should be hosted elsewhere; they're not a layout unless they have photos and journaling included and therefore don't belong in the gallery here. If you had Commons access, I'd say they could go in there, but since you don't, you'd need to host them on Google Drive or something similar.