Spring 2018 Kit Series - Week 2/8 (generic papers) (due 3/30)

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Spring 2018 Kit Series - Week 2/8 (generic papers) (due 3/30)

Welcome to Week 2 of the kit challenge! If you haven't yet done Week 1's inspiration board, there's still time; the due date isn't till the 23rd. I'm going to keep posting the new weeks with 2 weeks before they're due so that when life happens in the middle of this 2-month period (as it's virtually guaranteed to for most of us), you'll be able not to fall behind.

This week's challenge is for you to create one generic pattern and one solid paper for each color in your chosen palette. Remember to mix up your patterns in terms of scale; layouts built with both large- and small-scale patterns are much more interesting visually, so we need to make that possible when designing kits.

do I understand that the generic pattern is to be exactly the same for each color with only the scale of the pattern varying? Not a different generic pattern for each color?

Oh, no, Dawn--that would make for such a boring kit! I just want people to make as many generic pattern papers as they have palette colors. I expect you to use multiple patterns like stripes, squares, dots, chevrons, quatrefoil... just make sure there are tiny, big, and medium-sized patterns so there's variety enough to make interesting pages with the final kit!

whew okay smiley
My colors

My generic & solid papers

Here's a peek at my papers.

love your embossed papers, Gina! That's a technique I have great difficulty with and have yet to achieve the excellent results of your papers!! I can hardly wait until everything is available!!

Thank you Dawn. I seldom create embossed but it just felt right for this challenge.

Your papes are great, Gina! smiley

Thank you Bina.

LoL Gina we had the similar train of thought on patterned papers. smiley

Week 2: Generic Papers:

Lovely work ladies!

Here are my previews :

Question - are these beautiful papers and designs going to be available for download for all of other novices to use, or, just to view ? Just curious ? Thank you !!!!!!

@Karen, as I understand, once we complete each assignment, we will then make the full kit available. In the original description of this challenge Holly mentions that at the end we will have a moderately size kit to sell, make available on our blog, as a newsletter freebie or other ways. I plan to make my complete kit available here on DigitalScrapbook.com, however you make me think it might be a good idea for me to make each assignment available in both individual downloads or as a mini kit, then at the end combine everything into a bundle. I'll watch for Holly's response so I'll have the answer, too. smiley

@Karen: smiley I was going to give this away as a gift as I always do but I am putting it up for sale and donate any proceeds to Nellie's family. I have reverted all my freebies to sales items and will donate all my proceeds of May and April to Nellie's smiley family.

Oh that is a good idea Bina. I don't know if my kit is "for sale" quality but I will gladly off it if someone wanted to do a run of donated kits or something like that. I too was just gonna upload mine to PS I am here for the practice and experience.

smiley I am totally up for that, Melissa!

My basic paper preview.[img][/img]

I have to redo some of my papers... gamut.

I had put my laptop away that has photoshop away and forgot where I put it and then got carried away on elements and two of my colors get jacked up when you look at the gamut. I'm hoping to get caught up shortly! Everyones papers look great though!

LoL I just got PS and its on a laptop my son was given soooo.....I have to share that with him. LoL he is 7 so i only get to use it at night.

I probably should have put that other message in the elements file... that's where it's going to take me some time to get caught up.

I have a big problem with putting things "where I'll remember them". My laptop had been missing for nearly 2 months and I finally found it under the couch! I don't even know what I was thinking....

Here are my papers, please tell me if anyone has any advise on it. I'm learning everyday so any advise would be great.