Spring 2023 Creation Call DC

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smiley So sweet, Christina!!! Love how it stains out in sprinkles...

Wonderful creativity happening in here!

I can take the animal call..... smiley

You can download this stamp freebie which coordinates with my older bundle, Into the Wild here.

Next up... Create a cluster

smiley Oh, welcome Jessica. I'm so happy to see you here!!!

Thanks Bina for letting me know about the challenge! SO much fun! smiley

I took the cluster challenge, and used all stuff from Janet Kemp to make it.
It's a PNG image.

Next call is something to do with tea.

Thank you so much Bina for the tip on Imgur, it makes a huge difference!

Welcome Lisel, so great to see you here again! smiley

The cluster looks fab, Lisel. Thanks for playing along and sharing!

Here is a little tip. When you ul a png to imgur you can edit it in imgur, just hit edit and then you just prompt and will end up with a white bg, should that be something you would like to do.

Oh, thank you for the tip! smiley

I take tea.

Next is a Word Art with an arrow ( or something about direction)

Oh that is so cute. I put this in Tasmania album. I love it. Thanks for playing along and sharing, Cintia smiley

@Jessica: Oh , how awesome. Love your wild giraffes. Thanks so much for joining in!!! smiley

I chose "Word Art, with an arrow".

Next, your favorite part about summer.

Welcome @Jenifer Lyn. So great, you found us here smiley Thanks for playing along with your beautiful word art!

Hi Bina! Thank you so much!
I was SO nervous posting the 1st five of that word art series.
* I finally took the leap!
I have now moved onto "Commons Rookie!"

smiley So great you did!! Love it.

@Lisel - That is a beautiful cluster! smiley
@Cintia - Such a cute paper!
@Bina - Thank you!
@Jenifer - Stunning word art - here & in the commons! Thank you for sharing! smiley

Thank you Jess! ❥
I struggled with finding the perfect size,
so I went with a little in the middle.
Do ya'll think it was too large?

It is a beautiful size: big enough to go on a card or stand alone on a page just with photos. It's also great for pocket cards! I also like the slightly offset hearts. smiley Great set, Jenifer, thank you.

AWwww! TOO cute!
That is so precious!
Thank you so much Bina! ❥
I am glad that I went with that size indeed!

Love your WILD giraffes, Jess. smiley


That is SOOoo sweet!